F.L.Y. – Flourishing and Leadership for the Youth

In an increasingly complex world, the challenges faced by our children and adolescents are growing, placing a considerable burden on their mental well-being. Recognizing the urgency of addressing this concern, we proudly introduce the Flourishing and Leadership for the Youth (F.L.Y.) program. Designed by experienced educational psychologist, Kipa Shrestha, this transformative workshop offers a comprehensive approach to enhancing resilience and personal growth among young minds.

A Journey Guided by Expertise

Educational psychologists, armed with evidence-based tools and approaches, have carefully crafted the F.L.Y. program. This workshop is thoughtfully tailored for children aged 7-12 years old, acknowledging their unique developmental stages and needs. With Kipa Shrestha at the helm, an authority in the field of educational psychology, participants can expect guidance that is both nuanced and compassionate.

Nurturing Resilience through Character Development

At the heart of the F.L.Y. program lies the fundamental objective of fostering resilience by cultivating essential character traits. These include:

  1. Self-awareness & Discovery: Empowering participants to understand themselves, their strengths, and areas for growth.
  2. Emotional Awareness & Processing: Equipping individuals with tools to navigate complex emotions, fostering emotional intelligence.
  3. Enhancing Self-Concept and Self-esteem: Nurturing a healthy sense of self-worth and confidence, crucial for holistic development.
  4. Positive Socialization Skills: Teaching the art of meaningful interactions, fostering positive relationships with peers.
  5. Building Compassion & Kindness: Instilling empathy and the value of kindness in diverse life situations.
  6. Mindfulness & Gratitude Practices: Providing techniques to stay present and embrace gratitude, enhancing overall well-being.
  7. Positive Self-Talk & Growth Mindset: Cultivating a positive inner dialogue and a mindset focused on growth and learning.
  8. Grit & Resilience: Developing the tenacity to persevere through challenges, emerging stronger on the other side.

An Engaging Journey of Five Weeks

The F.L.Y. program spans five enriching weeks, offering participants a well-paced and immersive experience. With one session per week, participants engage in activities that encourage introspection, collaboration, and skill-building. Guided by the expert hand of Kipa Shrestha, participants will embark on a journey of self-discovery, resilience-building, and personal growth.

A Call to Transformative Action

As parents, guardians, and caregivers, you have the power to shape your child’s future. Enroll your child in the F.L.Y. program today to provide them with the essential tools needed to navigate life’s challenges with confidence and resilience. Through collaborative activities, guided sessions, and practical exercises, your child will not only develop vital character traits but also learn to lead a flourishing life.

About the Practitioner

F.L.Y. - Flourishing and Leadership for the Youth 1Kipa Shrestha is a seasoned Educational Psychologist with a Master’s in Educational Psychology and a PostGraduate Certificate in Education. Currently pursuing a PhD in Psychology, Kipa’s expertise spans neurodevelopmental disorders, Brain Working Recursive Therapy, Hands on Autism, and more. With a decade of experience, Kipa excels in comprehensive psychological assessments, collaborating with clients, families, and educators at TDCC to drive holistic growth strategies. Kipa Shrestha is an expert catalyst for transformation, harnessing education, experience, and a deep passion for holistic well-being.

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The Magic of Sensory Integration

Occupational Therapist Badar Jehan reveals the enchanting realm of “The Magic of Sensory Integration,” where every child’s potential finds its wings to soar!

Free and open to all parents, caregivers, educators, practitioners, and advocates of helping children with learning difficulties and developmental delays.


Welcome to “The Magic of Sensory Integration” webinar, where we will delve into the transformative world of sensory integration and its profound impact on children’s development. 

This webinar is designed to provide valuable insights into the principles and applications of sensory integration for children facing diverse diagnoses, equipping attendees with practical knowledge to enhance their therapeutic practices. Join us as we explore the power of sensory integration in fostering holistic growth and well-being in children.

Event Details:

Date: Thursday |  17th August

Time: 2:00 PM Dubai Time

Venue: Zoom

Cost: FREE

You will Learn:

1. Overview of the Sensory Integration approach.

2. Understanding the contribution of the sensory integration approach on children with different diagnoses.

3. Using sensory integration approach on children for their overall development.


1. Gain a Comprehensive Understanding: The webinar aims to offer a comprehensive overview of the sensory integration approach, shedding light on its core principles and methodologies. Participants will grasp the fundamental concepts, enabling them to appreciate the significance of sensory integration in promoting children’s overall development.

2. Empowerment through Knowledge: By focusing on the sensory integration approach’s application across various diagnoses, this webinar seeks to empower attendees with specialized knowledge. Participants will learn how to tailor their therapeutic interventions effectively, catering to the specific needs of children.

3. Foster Holistic Development: The webinar will emphasize utilizing the sensory integration approach as a powerful tool for nurturing holistic development in children. Attendees will discover how sensory integration techniques can enhance physical, cognitive, emotional, and social aspects of a child’s life, creating a positive impact on their overall well-being.

About the Speaker:

The Magic of Sensory Integration 2Our esteemed speaker, Badar Jehan, is a seasoned Occupational Therapist with a decade of experience in pediatrics. With an impressive background in the field, Badar holds valuable certifications in Sensory Integration, Praxis Testing (SIPT), SCERTS, and DIR Floortime 101. Her passion for helping children thrive in all aspects of their daily life drives her commitment to sharing invaluable insights during this webinar.

Grab this opportunity to unravel the magic of sensory integration and its potential to transform the lives of children. Join us for an enriching webinar that will equip you with practical strategies to make a positive difference in the lives of young individuals.

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Purposeful Play: Unlocking Creative Solutions for Child Development

Senior Speech and Langauge Therapist, Aalia Thobani focuses on the importance of play in child development. It offers perspectives into different types of play, emphasizes the benefits of purposeful play, and provides practical tips for parents to engage in quality playtime with their children. The webinar aims to empower participants to utilize purposeful play for fostering creative solutions and supporting overall child development.

In this webinar, you will learn:

1. Why is play important for children’s development?

2. Exploring the essence and methodology of play.

3. The role of parents and practical tips for carving out quality playtime with children.


The webinar titled “Purposeful Play: Unlocking Creative Solutions for Child Development” features Senior Speech and Language Pathologist, Aalia Thobani, as the speaker. This webinar is designed for parents, educators, caregivers, practitioners, and advocates who are involved in supporting children with learning difficulties and developmental delays. The webinar aims to delve into the significance of play in child development and provide insights into harnessing the power of purposeful play to promote creative solutions.

Objectives of the Webinar

By the end of the webinar, participants will have a comprehensive understanding of the importance of play in child development. They will gain knowledge about purposeful play and its potential for unlocking creative solutions. Parents will acquire practical tips and strategies to foster quality playtime with their children, supporting their overall development and well-being.

1. Understand the Importance of Play: The webinar will explore the fundamental role of play in children’s development. Participants will gain a deeper understanding of how play contributes to various aspects of a child’s growth, including cognitive, social, emotional, and physical development.

2. Explore the Essence and Methodology of Play: The webinar will delve into the essence of play, discussing its characteristics and inherent benefits. Participants will gain insights into different types of play, such as imaginative play, sensory play, and cooperative play. Additionally, the webinar will highlight the methodology of purposeful play and its potential for enhancing child development.

3. Role of Parents in Carving Out Quality Playtime: Recognizing the crucial role of parents, the webinar will focus on the active involvement of parents in facilitating quality playtime with their children. Practical tips and strategies will be shared to help parents create an enriching play environment and engage in meaningful play experiences with their children.

 About the Speaker:

Purposeful Play: Unlocking Creative Solutions for Child Development 3

Aalia Thobani is a highly accomplished Senior Speech-Language & Learning Disabilities Specialist and DYL Coach. With 19 years of experience in the USA and UAE, she holds a Master’s degree in Speech-Language Pathology and Learning Disabilities, along with a Bachelor of Science in Communication Sciences and Disorders. Aalia is a certified Life Coach, specializing in Designing Your Life, and is well-versed in programs such as The Hanen Program and the PROMPT Program. She holds multiple certifications and is fluent in English. Aalia’s dedication to her clients and her expertise in the field make her an exceptional professional in her field.

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Speech and Language Therapy Summer Online Session!

Speech and Language Therapist Joa Feghali will be conducting an online session this summer! This is designed for families from both local and international locations. This online sessions gives a convenient solution for parents who are traveling and require therapy for their children. Through evidence-based approaches, we empower children to develop their speech and language skills, ensuring they reach their full potential. The accessibility, time efficiency, familiar environment, parent involvement, and technology integration are just a few of the many benefits that online sessions provide. TDCC is committed to delivering personalized and impactful therapy, supporting children’s communication development regardless of their physical location.


At TDCC we understand the importance of providing quality therapy to children who require encouragement to develop their speech and language skills. In today’s digital age, online sessions have emerged as a valuable tool to cater to the needs of children with communication delays. This session aims to shed light on the benefits of online speech and language therapy for children, particularly for parents who are traveling and seek convenient yet effective therapy options for their little ones.

Evidence-Based Approaches

Joa utilizes evidence-based approaches in online sessions. We understand that each child is unique and requires personalized attention. Through virtual platforms, we provide targeted interventions and tailored exercises to address specific speech and language needs. Our therapy sessions are designed to enhance children’s overall communication skills and promote their confidence in a supportive environment.

Benefits of Online Sessions

Accessibility: Online therapy eliminates geographical barriers, allowing children to receive therapy regardless of their location. Parents who are traveling can conveniently schedule sessions and ensure continuity of therapy for their children. It offers the flexibility to engage in therapy from the comfort of your own home or any other suitable environment.

Time Efficiency: Online sessions save valuable time by eliminating the need for travel. Parents can avoid long commutes and waiting rooms, enabling them to optimize their schedules and dedicate more quality time to their children’s development.

Familiar Environment: By conducting therapy sessions in the child’s familiar surroundings, we create a comfortable and safe space. This familiarity fosters a sense of security and encourages active participation, resulting in improved engagement and better outcomes.

Parent Involvement: Online sessions provide an excellent opportunity for parents to actively participate in their child’s therapy journey. Parents can observe the sessions, gain insights into therapy techniques, and learn how to support their child’s progress at home. This collaborative approach maximizes the effectiveness of therapy and ensures consistency in the child’s learning environment.

Technology Integration: Online therapy sessions make use of interactive tools, multimedia resources, and engaging activities that captivate children’s attention. The integration of technology adds an element of excitement and novelty to the therapy process, making it more enjoyable and motivating for children.

To book an appointment:

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Understanding ADHD- Attention Deficit Hyperactivity Disorder

Educational Psychologist, Dr. Ruba Tabari will guide you through this enlightening webinar. Together, we will deepen our understanding of ADHD and empower ourselves to make a positive difference in the lives of children with learning challenges. Join us on 23rd June, Friday at 2:00pm, Dubai time. 

In this webinar, you will learn:

1. Recognizing ADHD in the Classroom and at Home.

2. Supporting Learning Challenges in ADHD.

3. Exploring Executive Function Skills in ADHD.


The webinar titled “Understanding ADHD – Attention Deficit Hyperactivity Disorder” by Dr. Ruba Tabari is a comprehensive session designed to provide valuable insights and knowledge about ADHD. This webinar is open to parents, practitioners, therapists, educators, and advocates who are dedicated to helping children with learning challenges.

Objectives of the Webinar:

1. Recognizing ADHD in the Classroom and at Home: Gain insights into the presentation of ADHD in educational and home settings. Dr. Ruba Tabari will provide practical guidance on identifying ADHD symptoms, understanding its impact, and recognizing the unique challenges faced by children with ADHD in both environments.

2. Supporting Learning Challenges in ADHD: Explore effective strategies and interventions to support children with ADHD in their educational journey. Dr. Tabari will share evidence-based practices that can enhance learning outcomes, promote engagement, and address the specific learning challenges associated with ADHD.

3. Exploring Executive Function Skills in ADHD: Delve into the executive function skills that are commonly affected in individuals with ADHD. Dr. Ruba Tabari will provide a comprehensive overview of executive functions such as attention, working memory, and self-regulation. Participants will gain a deeper understanding of how executive function difficulties impact daily life and learn practical approaches to support the development of these skills.

By the end of the webinar, participants will have acquired valuable knowledge and practical strategies to better recognize ADHD symptoms in both educational and home settings. They will also be equipped with effective approaches to support learning.

 About the Speaker:

Understanding ADHD- Attention Deficit Hyperactivity Disorder 4Dr. Ruba Tabari is an esteemed Education and Educational Psychology expert with 28+ years of international experience. Her expertise, evidence-based practice, and multicultural approach have made her a sought-after speaker, presenter, and advocate of inclusion and student wellbeing. With a focus on Special Educational Needs and Disability, Dr. Ruba has developed innovative programs and led multidisciplinary teams. She is a published author and recognized member of the Dubai community, contributing to the field through research, training, and TV appearances. Dr. Ruba Tabari’s commitment to empowering children, families, and educational communities is evident in her exceptional work and contributions to the field. Dr. Ruba has authored significant contributions in book publications to the field of education and psychology.She is registered with the Health and Care Professions Council, UK, and the Community Development Authority in Dubai. Dr. Ruba is registered with the Health and Care Professions Council, UK, and the Community Development Authority in Dubai.


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Summer Camp 2023

Specialist educators and therapists will provide exciting opportunities for students to learn about the different animals, plants and habitats found in tropical regions.

TDCC will transform into a Tropical Paradise with immersive learning environments and activities that will capture students’ imagination and stimulate curiosity in the world around them. 

6 weeks: 10th July- 18th August 

Timings: 9am – 1pm Monday-Thursday 9am-12pm Fridays


The Summer Camp for children in the Early Intervention Program is an exciting and engaging program designed to provide a nurturing and inclusive environment for young learners. The camp aims to support the holistic development of children by focusing on various aspects such as academics, social skills, motor movements, communication, attention, listening, arts and crafts, and sensory play. With the theme of “Tropical Paradise,” the camp offers a fun and immersive experience where children can explore, learn, and grow in a tropical-inspired setting.


1. Academic Development: The camp aims to enhance academic skills by providing age-appropriate activities that focus on foundational concepts such as literacy, numeracy, problem-solving, and cognitive development. The objective is to foster a love for learning and promote academic readiness.

2. Social Skills: The camp aims to promote social interaction, cooperation, and positive peer relationships. Through group activities, team-building exercises, and collaborative projects, children will develop essential social skills such as sharing, taking turns, empathy, and effective communication.

3. Motor Movements: The camp focuses on enhancing both gross and fine motor skills. Children will engage in activities that promote coordination, balance, strength, and control, helping them improve their motor movements and physical abilities.

4. Communication: The camp aims to support children in developing effective communication skills. Through various activities and games, children will enhance their verbal and non-verbal communication abilities, vocabulary, expressive language, listening skills, and understanding of social cues.

5. Attention and Listening: The camp intends to help children improve their attention span and listening skills. Engaging activities and games will encourage children to focus, follow instructions, and respond appropriately, fostering better concentration and active listening abilities.

6. Arts and Crafts: The camp provides opportunities for creative expression and fine motor skill development through arts and crafts activities. Children will engage in various art projects, exploring different materials, colors, and techniques while expressing their imagination and creativity.

7. Sensory Play: The camp includes sensory play experiences to stimulate the senses and support sensory integration. Children will engage in hands-on activities that involve touch, sight, sound, smell, and even taste, fostering sensory exploration and development.

The overall objective of the Summer Camp is to create a safe, inclusive, and enriching environment where children can explore their potential, develop essential skills, build confidence, and experience the joy of learning and growth. By providing a diverse range of activities and a supportive community, the camp aims to empower children in their early developmental years and lay a strong foundation for their future success.

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Inclusive Education Services

Welcome to TDCC Inclusive Education Services, where we are dedicated to helping your child unlock their potential and providing them with the most effective learning structure and support. We are thrilled to announce that registration for the Academic Year 2023-2024 is now open, offering your child an exceptional educational experience.

For the past ten years, TDCC Inclusive Education Services have successfully supported children in their learning, development, and growth. Our programs adopt a unique approach that integrates educational learning with therapeutic strategies, allowing us to meet the dynamic individual needs of each child.

At TDCC, we believe in the culture of inclusion, where learning is not only effective but also fun and creative. We carefully design our programs to align with the specific learning challenges that each child may face. Our multidisciplinary approach is a testament to our commitment to providing genuine support to every child. Our team consists of highly skilled special educators, therapists, psychologists, and international educational consultants who collaborate to deliver best practices and tailored support.

We pride ourselves on being accessible to all families, offering bespoke support to enhance children’s strengths and bridge any gaps they may be experiencing. Our goal is to create an environment where every child can thrive academically, socially, and emotionally.

TDCC offers a diverse range of programs to meet the unique needs of each individual child. These include:

1. Preschool Early Intervention: A program designed to provide early intervention support for children in their formative years, ensuring a solid foundation for their future academic success.

2. School Readiness Program: A comprehensive program that prepares children for the transition to primary school, equipping them with essential skills and knowledge.

3. Early Intervention Program: Tailored to children with specific learning challenges, this program provides targeted support and strategies to overcome obstacles and achieve academic milestones.

4. Life Skills Class: A specialized program that focuses on developing essential life skills, empowering children to navigate the challenges of everyday life with confidence.

We invite you to register today and become a part of the TDCC family. We are excited to welcome you and embark on a transformative educational journey together. At TDCC, we are committed to helping your child reach their full potential and ensuring their success in school and life.

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Designing Your Life (17-22 y/o)

Speech and Language Therapist Aalia Thobani will take you in this amazing program designed for young adults.

Are you looking to discover a career path that fills you with excitement and takes control of your life to boost your self-confidence? Empower your future with our program and start designing your life! Learn how to decrease beliefs that do not serve you, develop a positive mindset, and empower yourself to take charge of your life.

Led by highly experienced DYL coach, Aalia Thobani. Designed for young adults aged 17-22, our evidence-based tools will help you discover your strengths, values, and passions to make informed decisions about your career. Gain clarity and direction in just four sessions, 1.5 hours per session, and boost your self-confidence to take control of your life. Enroll now!


Reading Dogs Programme at TDCC

Welcome to the enchanting Reading Dogs Program at TDCC, presented in collaboration with the Dyslexia Specialists of The Developing Child Centre and the trained personnel of Therapy Dogs UAE!

Join us once a month, on a Sunday, from 10:00 am to 10:45 am at the TDCC premises, as we embark on a delightful journey into the magical world of reading alongside our furry friends. This program is filled with excitement, fun, and a deep love for reading, offering a wide array of activities for children to enjoy with our amazing reading dogs. Best of all, it’s completely free of charge. However, due to limited availability, registrations will be accepted on a first-come, first-served basis. We encourage interested parents to secure a spot for their child as soon as possible, ensuring they have the opportunity to partake in this wonderful experience.

Our primary goal is to provide children with the chance to attend the session of this program, where they can immerse themselves in a world of wonder, ignite their passion for reading, and create lasting memories with our furry companions. Don’t miss out on this incredible opportunity!


The Reading Dogs Program at TDCC is a specialized initiative designed to help groups of children between the ages of 5 and 7 (1st group)  and  7 – 10 (2nd group)  develop their reading skills while fostering a love for books. Led by TDCC’s learning and Dyslexia specialist, this program offers small group sessions where children have the opportunity to interact with trained therapy dogs in a supportive environment. 

The program aims to boost children’s confidence in reading and create positive associations with the learning process.

Objectives of the Program:

1. Enhancing Reading Skills: The primary objective of the Reading Dogs Program is to improve children’s reading abilities. Through engaging activities, the program focuses on developing their vocabulary, comprehension, fluency, and overall reading proficiency.

2. Building Confidence: Many children experience insecurities and self-doubt when it comes to reading aloud or tackling challenging texts. The program aims to build confidence by providing a non-judgmental and supportive atmosphere. The presence of therapy dogs helps create a comfortable and stress-free environment, encouraging children to take risks and express themselves freely.

3. Fostering Love for Reading: The program seeks to instill a lifelong love for reading in children. By incorporating fun and interactive methods, such as reading stories with the assistance of therapy dogs, the program aims to make the reading experience enjoyable and captivating. The goal is to spark children’s curiosity, imagination, and enthusiasm for books.

Benefits for Children:

1. Improved Reading Skills: Through regular participation in the program, children can make significant progress in their reading abilities. The personalized guidance from the learning and Dyslexia specialist, along with the positive reinforcement from the therapy dogs, helps children develop important literacy skills.

2. Increased Confidence: Interacting with therapy dogs provides a sense of comfort and support, allowing children to feel more confident in their reading efforts. As they practice reading aloud in a non-judgmental environment, children gradually overcome their anxieties and gain self-assurance.

3. Enhanced Focus and Concentration: Reading to therapy dogs can help children improve their focus and concentration. The calming presence of the dogs helps reduce distractions and creates a conducive environment for deep engagement with the text.

4. Emotional Support: The presence of therapy dogs offers emotional support to children. Dogs are known for their unconditional love and acceptance, which can create a sense of security and belonging. This support system can be particularly beneficial for children who may struggle with anxiety or other emotional challenges.

5. Positive Attitude Towards Learning: By associating reading with enjoyable experiences, the program helps cultivate a positive attitude towards learning in children. They are more likely to perceive reading as an enjoyable activity rather than a chore, leading to increased motivation and enthusiasm for future academic pursuits.

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Autism Diagnostic Observation Schedule 2 – ADOS2 Training by Marianna Murin

The Autism Diagnostic Observation Schedule 2 Training by Marianna Murin is now open for admission!

Great news: ADOS2 is opening another batch this December due to popular demand. Reserve your spot now!


1. Register for ADOS 2 through the provided link.

2. The TDCC Accounts Department will send a payment link to participants via email and mobile number. You can access to this link within 5 days of registration. Please feel free to reach out to us if you miss it. 

3. Once the Accountant has fully processed the payment,  you’ll receive an official receipt for the ADOS 2 Training Course.

4. The ADOS 2 materials will be emailed to you once they’re received from the speaker.

5. You’ll receive the Zoom link for the training 2-3 days before the event, with a reminder sent 1 day before the training.


The ADOS 2 training program by Marianna Murin through TDCC Professional Development Training Program is designed to provide professionals with the knowledge and skills required to effectively diagnose Autism Spectrum Disorders (ASD) using the ADOS 2 assessment tool. ADOS 2 is considered to be a gold standard assessment recommended by the National Institute of Clinical Excellence (NICE) as part of the diagnostic assessment process for Autism Spectrum Disorder. The training program will take place on December 1-2, 2023 and will be conducted online. 


The objectives of the training program are to:

1. Familiarize participants with the ADOS 2 assessment tool, its administration, and scoring procedures.

2. Provide participants with an understanding of the diagnostic criteria for ASD and the role of the ADOS 2 in the diagnostic process.

3. Train participants to accurately administer the ADOS 2 assessment tool and score it reliably.

4. Help participants identify the different modules of ADOS 2 and choose the appropriate module for a particular individual.

5. Teach participants to interpret ADOS 2 results and provide feedback to families and professionals.

6. Train participants to integrate ADOS 2 results with other diagnostic information to arrive at a comprehensive diagnosis.

By the end of the training program, participants will have a better understanding of the diagnostic criteria for ASD and the role of the ADOS 2 in the diagnostic process. The program will be delivered by Marianna Murin, a highly experienced ADOS trainer and trainer of trainers, who has conducted ADOS 2 courses worldwide.

About the Speaker:

Autism Diagnostic Observation Schedule 2 - ADOS2 Training by Marianna Murin 5Marianna Murin is a Chartered Clinical Psychologist with over twenty years of experience in promoting the psychological well-being of people on the Autism Spectrum and improving understanding of ASC. She is an international trainer in diagnostics of ASC, lecturer, writer, and therapist, and has been managing psychology provision at the National Centre for Autism Spectrum Conditions at the Great Ormond Street Hospital in London for over a decade. Marianna is a founder and director of Autism Spectrum Directions, an international centre for promoting diagnostics, treatment, and recognition of ASC and neurodiversity.

Marianna is a highly experienced ADOS trainer, and trainer of trainers. She runs regular ADOS2 courses worldwide, including the Australia, Barbados, Dubai, Gibraltar, Lebanon, Palestine, Poland, Saudi Arabia, Slovakia, Slovenia, Switzerland, and Turkey. She has set up a successful centre for training professionals in diagnostics of social communication disorders. Marianna has also been actively involved in research and has developed research-evaluated programs aimed at supporting children with ASD. She promotes understanding of neurodiversity by regular podcasts and online webinars for parents and professionals. Marianna’s most satisfying achievements have been inspiring people to create more inclusive environments for everyone with neurodiversity and helping children and young people to thrive.

Frequently Asked Questions

For further queries and concern, WhatsApp 050 1466319

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