Benefits of Sensory Diet for Children with Sensory Processing Difficulties

Occupational Therapist Risa Rufus will explore the Benefits of a Sensory Diet for Children with Sensory Processing Difficulties on Wednesday, 21st  December at 10:30 UAE Time through the zoom platform. This is a no cost webinar brought to you by TDCC Community!

This webinar is open to ALL  parents, educators, practitioners and advocates.

You will learn:

1. What is a Sensory diet?
2. How can a Sensory diet support children with sensory processing difficulties?
3. How to plan a sensory diet and incorporate it into your daily routine?

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Social Club for Tweens and Teens by Zara Awan

Zara Awan, Educational Therapy Lead, Literacy and Dyslexia Specialist is facilitating this Social Club for Tweens and Teens!

This program is highly recommended for children between 10 and 15 years old. We would love them to come, explore and enjoy as they

-Unmask and learn to embrace their neuro-identities;

-Find professional and peer support with navigating areas like loneliness, friendships, and emotional regulation while creating social understanding; and

-Build self-confidence and skill in self-advocacy.

A neurodiversity affirming space for tweens and teens is finally here!

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Winter Camp 2022

Dubai Winter Camp is here! Feel the breeze, don’t you freeze!

Mums and Dads, our children will explore the Frozen Planet. Send them to TDCC and get them ready to wander as we will trek from the North to the South Pole exploring the Winter Landscape, discovering the cold climate, Arctic Animals, Habitats, ice and snow and more.

Through engaging activities our children will

     -Develop Social and Play Skills

     -Expand Communication and Language

     -Strengthen Fine and Gross Motor Skills

     -Build Confidence and Self Awareness

     -Practice Independent Living Skills

All Programs are designed and delivered by specialised Educators, Speech and Language Therapists and Occupational Therapists.

Camp will run for 2 weeks:

Week1: Dec 12-16th 

Week 2: Dec 19 – 23rd 

Book you child now! Limited spaces for children to this exciting voyage to the Frozen Planet. 

Can’t wait to meet those happy faces!

Parent Support Group by SEN Coach Uzma Akser

Special Education Needs Coach Uzma Akser and The Developing Child Centre are thrilled to launch this Parent Support Program dedicated to all TDCC parents and open to parents here and across the UAE, for free!

This program will run on Tuesdays and Thursdays with UAE parenting coach Uzma Akser, an ACA Coach Academies Certified and Credentialed Life & Academic Coach. She is a member of the International Coaching Federation.

Our first meet up will be done through the zoom platform. The link will be sent to you based on your preferred schedule.

  • Tuesday 10am-11am
  • Thursday 6:30pm-7:30pm

This program aims to provide a safe, compassionate environment where parents can connect, share and support one another without any judgments.

TDCC, guided with its vision and mission, is passionately helping parents towards the  fulfillment of joy and creating solutions to many parenting concerns. TDCC is always here to hold them by the hand as we offer this support group specially designed for parents.

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Speech Therapy Dubai – The Hanen Program ‘It Takes Two To Talk’

Speech and Language Therapist Aalia Thobani will take you into an amazing workshop on The Hanen , It Takes Two to Talk program!

Help your child learn to communicate effectively during the everyday interactions he has with the people he loves.

Every moment you, as a parent, spend having fun and interacting with your child provides an opportunity to build her communication. 

Because language is learned in natural, daily activities and interactions, parents have a major role to play in helping a child develop language skills.  It may seem like a challenging task, but it isn’t.

The It Takes Two to Talk Program teaches you, step-by-step, how to become your child’s most important language teacher. The program shows you how to:

-Recognize your child’s stage and style of communication so that you know which steps to take next

-Identify what motivates your child to interact with you so you’ll know how to get conversations started

-Adjust everyday routines to help your child take turns and keep interactions going

-Follow your child’s lead to build his confidence and encourage him to communicate

-Add language to interactions with your child to help him understand language and then use it when he is ready

-Tweak the way you play and read books with your child to help him learn language

-Change the way you speak to your child so that he’ll understand and learn new words

This program is recommended specifically for parents who feel as if their child may have a delay in language development. It is also highly recommended for new parents who benefit from guidance on creating a positive language learning environment at home.

Spaces are limited.

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Psychomotor Therapy Dubai – Handwriting Workshop Available in French and Arabic

Psychomotor Therapist Mabelle El Koreh

Bonjour Dubai!

Planifiez-vous les vacances scolaires?

Nous pouvons vous aider!!

Programmes d’écriture en français et en arabe disponibles à TDCC.

Réservez une place pour profiter des vacances et améliorer les capacités graphomotrices de vos enfants.

Méthodes et techniques utilisées dans ces ateliers:

– Méthode Jeannot

– Handwriting without tears protocol

Pour plus d’informations, contactez nous.


Does your child have handwriting difficulties? 

Handwriting is a combination of a group of skills. Here’s how we can help many parents who often worry about their child having troubles with Graphomotricity.

Psychomotor Therapist Mabelle El Koreh is holding a workshop that will let your child work on their motor skills, muscle tone regulation, visual perceptual skills using different evidence-based approaches and tools to develop handwriting and its prerequisites. 

Mabelle is trained in handwriting reeducation and she incorporates the use of the following methods:

-Handwriting Without Tears

-Jeannot Method

-Active Relaxation 

-Kezhero Technique 

In order to develop this complex task, Mabelle will carefully guide your children through this program and help them:

-Adapt a correct posture and a proper arm and fingers coordination.

-Regulate his muscles according to the handwriting task.

-Develop fine motor skills and manual dexterity that influences the ability to hold a pencil and to control the trace.

-Develop visual perceptual and visual spatial abilities that allow the child to discriminate between letters and shapes in order to reproduce them correctly and organize them in the paper space.

Handwriting is an essential skill that your child needs to learn and communicate.

This program is available in Arabic, English and French.

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Building Resilience Programme by Dr. Kayleigh Sumner

Does your child need help managing their emotions, making friends and building their confidence?

TDCC is currently offering this Resilience Building Programme by Dr. Kayleigh Sumner. 

Dr. Kayleigh  will take them into a 5-week evidenced-based resilience building programme.

Your children will be part of a variety of teambuilding tasks and activities that promote resilience. They will focus on building confidence using a Growth Mindset.   

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The Happiness Dogs at TDCC

Get ready to meet Happiness Dogs and let your children have fun with all the lovely reading dogs as they: 

-bring happiness and fulfillment

-teach responsibility and empathy

-offer unconditional love and companionship

-give comfort and affection

-provide a great outlet of stress and anxiety

-are easier to socialize with

-attract attention and are great conversation starters

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The Autism Diagnostic Observation Schedule 2 by Marianna Murin

Stay tuned for the upcoming Registration opening for the ADOS 2 Course next year!

Please send us an email if you wish to get notification through email from

-Module 1-4

-Toddler Module

ADOS 2 is considered to be a gold standard assessment recommended by the National Institute of Clinical Excellence (NICE) as part of the diagnostic assessment process for Autism Spectrum Disorder. 

This training provides clinicians with the skill necessary to utilize the ADOS 2 in a clinical setting. Modules covered are models 1 to 4 plus the option of the Toddlers Module.

The speaker, Marianna Murin, is a Chartered Clinical Psychologist specializing in the field of Autism Spectrum Disorders for over twenty years.  Mariana has been a certified ADOS Trainer since 2002. She is a highly experienced ADOS trainer and trainer of trainers. 

Mariana runs regular ADOS2 courses with a range of organisations worldwide, including the UK, UAE, Lebanon, Gibraltar, Switzerland, Australia, The Caribbean, Slovakia, Slovenia, Poland, Turkey, Argentina and Canada. She set up and established a highly successful centre for training professionals in diagnostics of social communication disorders and is currently one of the most regarded trainers in this field in the United Kingdom. 

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TDCC Intensive Educational Programs

The Registration for the Academic Year 2022-2023 is now open!

We are excited to help your child unlock their potential by providing the most effective learning structure and support, TDCC enables students to thrive in school and life.

For ten years TDCC Intensive Educational Programs have been successfully supporting children to learn, develop and grow. Each program has a unique approach integrating educational learning and therapeutic strategies to meet the dynamic individual needs of each child.

At TDCC, we give high value to the culture of inclusion where learning is fun, creative, and carefully designed in consonance with the specific learning challenges of each child. Our strong multidisciplinary approach consisting of highly skilled special educators, therapists and psychologists as well as collaborations with International Educational Consultants enables us to deliver best practice, genuine support to every child. TDCC prides itself on being accessible to all families offering bespoke support to children to enhance their strengths and bridge gaps in areas they may be experiencing difficulties in.

TDCC offers a range of programs to meet the needs of every individual child including:

  • Preschool Early Intervention
  • School Readiness Program
  • Early Intervention Program     
  • Life Skills Class

Register today, we are excited to welcome you at TDCC!