Speech Delay in Children: Prevention and Early Intervention

This webinar is designed for parents, professionals and advocates who are eager to understand more about speech delays in children. You will learn about the causes, risk factors, and proactive strategies to address speech delays early on. This is a unique opportunity to gain knowledge from an experienced speech and language therapist, Joa Feghali, who specializes in working with children and teenagers.


Objectives of the Webinar

1. Gain a comprehensive understanding of what speech delay is and how it affects children.

2. Learn about the various causes and risk factors that contribute to speech delays in children.

3. Discover effective strategies and interventions to prevent and address speech delays, ensuring better communication development for children.


About the Speaker

Speech Delay in Children: Prevention and Early Intervention 1

Joa Feghali is a highly skilled Speech and Language Therapist with a Master’s Degree in Speech and Language Therapy. Fluent in Arabic, English, and French, Joa brings seven years of experience specializing in working with children and teenagers, particularly those with Autism Spectrum Disorder, Dysfluency (Stuttering), Developmental Language Disorder, and Learning Challenges. 

Joa provides online therapy services and uses evidence-based techniques to help children and teenagers improve their communication skills. She also coaches parents and educational teams on implementing effective strategies at home and school. Beyond traditional therapy sessions, Joa focuses on enhancing communication skills through individual and group online therapy sessions. Join her in this upcoming webinar to discover effective strategies for preventing and intervening in speech delays in children.


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The Arrowsmith Program – TDCC Dubai

The Arrowsmith Program at TDCC is a groundbreaking educational approach designed specifically for children facing learning and emotional challenges. Utilizing the latest advances in neuroscientific research, the program is based on the proven principles of neuroplasticity which help to rewire the brain, enhancing cognitive capacities and emotional resilience.

Who is it for?

– Children who experience difficulties in learning, attention, and emotional regulation.

It enhances:

  • Functions for literacy and numeracy
  • Processing speed and memory
  • Capacities to communicate, problem solve, reason, self-organize
  • Emotional strength and resilience
  • Improve cognitive and academic performance
  • Increase rate of learning
  • Increase independence and self directed learning
  • Increase in attention, listening and staying focused
  • Increase emotional and social wellbeing
  • Independence in daily life and Shift to growth mindset

Program Highlights

Targeted Cognitive Exercises: Each student receives personalized training that focuses on improving literacy, numeracy, memory, processing speed, and more.

Comprehensive Skill Development: Enhances overall academic performance, increases learning rates, and fosters greater independence and self-directed learning.

Emotional and Social Growth: Promotes emotional resilience and social well-being, helping children navigate daily life challenges and shift towards a growth mindset.

Why Choose the Arrowsmith Program?

Scientifically Backed: Developed from extensive research and scientifically tested methods to ensure real, measurable improvements in cognitive function.

Holistic Improvement: Beyond academic achievement, our program supports the overall well-being of students, preparing them for a successful and independent life.

Community and Support: Join a community of like-minded parents and professionals dedicated to holistic child development only at TDCC, Dubai!

Join Us on 25th of April:

If you are

– Parents seeking a supportive, effective alternative to traditional learning methods.

– Professionals looking for evidence-based interventions to support learners with unique learning needs.

Then this is for you!

Discover how the Arrowsmith Program can make a difference in your child’s life. Attend our complimentary information session to learn more about the program, meet our team, and connect with other parents and professionals. Together, we can unlock your child’s potential and pave the way for a brighter future.

About the speakers:

Debbie Gilmore is a passionate change-maker and Executive Director of Arrowsmith Worldwide, dedicated to transforming education and learning worldwide. With over 40 years of experience spanning classrooms to administrative roles, she’s driving educational reform. Debbie collaborates globally with educators and professionals in a wide field to help them bring about cognitive enhancement to unlock every human’s potential.

Rita Margarita, European and Middle East Representative, Arrowsmith Program. Rita Margarita, an Arrowsmith teacher and founder of the Cognitive Enhancement Centre in Switzerland, was driven to explore innovative educational solutions by her son’s struggles within the conventional school system. Her discovery of the Arrowsmith Program not only transformed her child from struggling to thriving but also inspired her to bring this transformative approach to others. Today, she advocates for cognitive enhancement through targeted training, sharing her story and expertise across Europe and the Middle East to help students overcome similar challenges.

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Understanding Emotion Regulation in Autism

This webinar shines a spotlight on one of the most crucial aspects of supporting individuals on the autism spectrum: emotion regulation. Presented by TDCC and featuring the esteemed BCBA Supervisor Eva Szulyovszky from Hungary, this session delves into the complex world of emotional dysregulation in autism, offering insights, strategies, and support mechanisms. As we gather in celebration of Autism Acceptance and Awareness Month, this webinar aims to empower parents, educators, and advocates with knowledge and tools to better assist those with autism in navigating their emotional landscapes.

Webinar Objectives:

1. Participants will gain a deep understanding of what emotional dysregulation looks like in individuals with autism, including its common signs and the impact it has on daily life. This foundational knowledge is crucial for recognizing and addressing the emotional needs of those on the spectrum.

2. Attendees will learn to recognize the early signs of emotional dysregulation in individuals with autism. This objective is key to providing timely support and preventing potential escalation of emotional distress.

3. The webinar will introduce participants to practical and effective strategies for helping individuals with autism regulate their emotions. These strategies will include both behavioral interventions and cognitive-behavioral techniques tailored to meet the unique needs of those on the spectrum.

4. Participants will learn how to create and maintain environments that support emotional regulation. This includes strategies for minimizing environmental triggers of emotional dysregulation and tips for promoting a sense of security and routine.

5. The session aims to equip attendees with the knowledge to advocate for individuals with autism and to implement inclusive practices in educational and social settings. This objective underscores the importance of community and societal support in enhancing the well-being of those on the spectrum.

By the end of this webinar, participants will have a comprehensive understanding of emotion regulation in autism and will be equipped with the tools to make a positive difference in the lives of individuals on the autism spectrum. 

About the Speaker:

Understanding Emotion Regulation in Autism 2Eva Szulyovszky is a distinguished BCBA Supervisor at TDCC’s ABA Therapy Services. With a rich background in behavioral science, Eva holds over two decades of experience in enhancing the lives of children with learning challenges through advanced ABA interventions. She earned a BCBA certification from Pennsylvania State University and a Master’s in Child Psychology, supplemented by doctoral studies in Clinical Child Psychology. Eva’s global impact is underscored by her leadership roles in various therapy centers adapting evidence-based practices for holistic child development. She is a member of the International Behavior Analysis Organization and a pioneer in the field, Eva’s multicultural expertise and commitment to professional excellence make her an inspiring figure in addressing the complexities of autism and emotion regulation.

Join us to enhance your skills, deepen your understanding, and contribute to building a more inclusive and supportive community.

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Toilet Training Across Neurodiversity

In this enlightening worldwide webinar, participants will gain critical insights into the nuanced process of toilet training for neurodiverse children. This session aims to demystify the stages of toilet readiness, introduce effective routines and strategies applicable in both educational settings and home environments, and encourage the development of independence through personalized toilet training methods. Designed for parents, educators, and advocates, this webinar seeks to empower attendees with knowledge and techniques to support children with diverse learning needs on their journey to toilet training success.

Learning Objectives:

1. Identify Signs of Toilet Readiness. Learn to recognize the key indicators that a neurodiverse child is ready to begin toilet training, setting the stage for a positive and timely training experience.

2. Implement Supportive Routines and Strategies. Discover effective, inclusive strategies and routines that can be adapted for both school and home settings, ensuring a consistent and supportive toilet training process.

3. Foster Independence through Tailored Approaches. Understand how to customize toilet training approaches to meet the unique needs of each child, fostering a sense of independence and accomplishment.

About the Speaker

Toilet Training Across Neurodiversity 3Caroline Waweru is a distinguished Educator within the realm of Inclusive Education Services, boasting over a decade of dedicated experience in counseling and teaching. Caroline holds a Bachelor of Arts in Education and Counseling, is currently finalizing her Master of Arts in Counseling, and has a Diploma in Information Technology. She is certified in The Intensive Early Intervention and School Readiness Programme by Dr. Donia Fahim, the ADOS2 course by Marianna Murin, and SCERTS1, demonstrating her commitment to comprehensive, evidence-based educational practices.

Her areas of expertise include the development of Individual Education Plans (IEPs), counseling, classroom management, and the implementation of evidence-based assessment strategies and intervention approaches, particularly for ASD and various learning challenges. As an ardent inclusion advocate and pediatric first aid provider, Caroline’s approach is holistic, focusing on equipping her students with the skills needed for both academic and personal success.

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Dyslexia and its Impact on Children’s Mental Health

This engaging and informative webinar, titled “Dyslexia and its Impact on Children’s Mental Health,” is designed to shed light on the multifaceted challenges faced by individuals with dyslexia, particularly focusing on the psychological aspects and their broader implications. Dyslexia, a common learning difficulty affecting reading, writing, and spelling, is not just a challenge of academic achievement but also deeply impacts the mental health and emotional well-being of those affected. The webinar aims to bring together parents, educators, therapists, and advocates to explore the complex interplay between dyslexia and mental health, offering insights, strategies, and support to better understand and empower individuals with dyslexia.

You will learn:

1. Early signs of Dyslexia and common associated challenges.

2. Strategies on how to academically support students with dyslexia.

3. Emotional and behavioral impacts of Dyslexia and how to help.

Date: Thursday  |   Feb 29th, 2024
Time: 1:00 – 2:00 pm | Dubai Time

Webinar Objectives:

1. To provide a comprehensive understanding of dyslexia, including its early signs and the common challenges associated with it. This objective focuses on demystifying dyslexia, offering a scientific and empathetic overview of its characteristics and the experiences of those who live with it.

2. To Highlight the Mental Health Impact and explore the emotional and psychological effects of dyslexia. This involves discussing how dyslexia can influence self-esteem, anxiety levels, social interactions, and overall mental health, emphasizing the need for awareness and sensitivity in addressing these issues.

3. To Empower with Strategies and equip participants with practical tools and strategies to support the emotional and behavioral development of individuals with dyslexia. This includes sharing resources and techniques for parents, educators, and therapists to build supportive networks and environments that foster resilience, confidence, and success.

4. To Foster a Supportive Community and encourage the formation of a collaborative and supportive community that can advocate for and assist individuals with dyslexia. This objective seeks to inspire collective action, sharing of best practices, and the development of effective advocacy strategies to enhance the well-being and educational outcomes for those with dyslexia.

5. To Promote Advocacy and Change and inspire participants to become advocates for change in the perception and treatment of dyslexia within educational systems and society at large. Highlighting the importance of policy changes, educational reforms, and societal awareness to create a more inclusive and supportive environment for individuals with dyslexia.

By achieving these objectives, the webinar aims to not only inform and educate but also to inspire action and change, making a tangible difference in the lives of individuals with dyslexia and their communities.

About the Speakers:

Dyslexia and its Impact on Children’s Mental Health 4

 Joelle Najm is an accomplished Counseling Psychologist with over ten years of experience, specializing in mental health and wellbeing within educational settings. With a Master’s in Applied Psychology and a diverse background in languages, Joelle brings a unique perspective to counseling children, adolescents, and parents. She is certified in multiple therapeutic approaches. A fluent speaker of Arabic, English, and French, Joelle’s expertise encompasses a broad range of interventions aimed at fostering resilience and positive outcomes in both students and families.


Dyslexia and its Impact on Children’s Mental Health 5

Lina Hajar is an esteemed expert in Educational and Skills Development with over 20 years of experience, specializing in Special Education. Holding a Diploma with High Honors from the American University of Beirut and certified in the Orton Gillingham approach, she excels in supporting students with diverse learning needs, including ADHD and autism. Lina is dedicated to inclusive education, individualized learning plans, and multisensory learning strategies. An advocate for inclusion and fluent in English and Arabic, she empowers educators and parents with her knowledge and passion for accessible education.


See you inside.

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Spring Camp 2024

Spring Camp is here!

TDCC warmly welcomes your child to Spring Camp 2024, a vibrant place of learning and exploration tailored for children with learning challenges. Over two transformative weeks, our campers will immerse themselves in the rejuvenating spirit of spring, engaging with our lively themes, “Creepy Crawlers” and “Flowers and Trees.” This unique program is carefully crafted to blend educational enrichment, therapeutic support, and boundless fun, all within an inclusive, nurturing environment that cherishes each child’s individual learning needs.


1. To cultivate an inclusive learning environment where children of all abilities are supported and celebrated. With personalized care from our specialist educators, speech therapists, and occupational therapists, every child is set on a path of growth and discovery.

2. To encourage comprehensive development through engaging activities ranging from Music & Movement and Sensory Play to Arts & Crafts, Literacy & Numeracy, Storytelling, Social Skills, Cooking, and Role Play. We aim to stimulate sensory, cognitive, emotional, and physical development, ensuring a holistic learning experience.

3. To inspire connection with nature by embracing the essence of spring, our camp encourages children to explore and connect with the natural world. Through hands-on experiences with “Creepy Crawlers” and “Flowers and Trees,” we nurture a sense of wonder, respect for nature, and a lifelong curiosity.

4. Boost confidence and independence for children to showcase their abilities, make choices, and express their individuality in a supportive community, fostering self-esteem and encouraging independence.

5. To foster social bonds as we are dedicated to creating opportunities for meaningful social interactions, enabling campers to forge friendships, enhance communication skills, and develop a deep-seated empathy and understanding for others.

6. To provide a safe and welcoming atmosphere to enjoy an inclusive, and accessible setting where children feel at home, respected, and encouraged to be their true selves, supported by a team well-versed in inclusive practices.

Join us at TDCC’s Spring Camp 2024 for a season of growth, learning, and joy. We are a community where children with special learning needs can blossom and flourish together. Let’s embrace the spring season with open hearts, fostering an environment where every child can discover their potential and celebrate the beauty of diversity.

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Stuttering at a Young Age: What to Observe and How to React

Join us for an engaging and insightful webinar: “Stuttering at a Young Age: What to Observe and How to React,” presented by The Developing Child Centre (TDCC). Led by Liz Hajj Nicolas, a renowned Speech and Language Therapist, this free webinar aims to provide parents, educators, therapists, and advocates with a deeper understanding of stuttering in young children. As we step into the new year, it’s the perfect time to equip yourself with knowledge and strategies to support the children in your life or care. Don’t miss this opportunity to learn from an expert in the field and connect with others who share your commitment to child development.

Learning Objectives

By the end of this webinar, attendees will:

1. Understand the Difference: Be able to distinguish between normal disfluencies and stuttering disorder, helping to demystify speech development concerns.

2. React Appropriately: Learn effective strategies for responding to dysfluency signs in children, students, or patients, promoting supportive and constructive reactions.

3. Know When to Seek Help: Gain clarity on when it’s appropriate to refer a child to a speech therapist and set realistic expectations for what therapy might entail.

This webinar is not just an opportunity to learn but also a step toward enhancing your ability to support and empower young individuals with speech and communication challenges. We look forward to welcoming you to this transformative educational experience. Register now and be part of a community striving to make a difference!

Cost: FREE

About the Speaker:

Stuttering at a Young Age: What to Observe and How to React 6Liz Hajj Nicolas is an exemplary Speech and Language Therapist with over 8 years of experience. Holding a Master’s and Bachelor’s degree in her field from Saint Joseph University, Beirut, Liz is renowned for her holistic and personalized approach to therapy. Fluent in Arabic, French, and English, she excels in both individual and group settings, having led therapy departments and multidisciplinary teams. Specializing in verbal and fluency disorders, Liz integrates play and child-led strategies into her sessions, emphasizing the comprehensive development of a child’s communication skills. Liz is distinguished by her exceptional work at The Developing Child Centre, garnering widespread recognition from parents, which underscores her commitment to transformative child support and development.


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Winter Camp 2023

Dubai Winter Camp is here! Show the snow!

Mums and Dads, our children will explore the Winter Wonderland! Send them to TDCC and get them ready to wander as we rediscover the world of snow, snowmen, winter clothes, weather and more.

Through engaging activities our children will

     -Develop Social and Play Skills

     -Expand Communication and Language

     -Strengthen Fine and Gross Motor Skills

     -Build Confidence and Self Awareness

     -Practice Independent Living Skills

All Programs are designed and delivered by specialised Educators, Speech and Language Therapists and Occupational Therapists.

Camp will run for 2 weeks:

Week1: Dec 11-15th 

Week 2: Dec 18 – 22nd 

Book your child now! Limited spaces for children to this exciting voyage to Winter Wonderland!

Can’t wait to meet those happy faces!

F.L.Y. – Flourishing and Leadership for the Youth

In an increasingly complex world, the challenges faced by our children and adolescents are growing, placing a considerable burden on their mental well-being. Recognizing the urgency of addressing this concern, we proudly introduce the Flourishing and Leadership for the Youth (F.L.Y.) program. Designed by experienced educational psychologist, Kipa Shrestha, this transformative workshop offers a comprehensive approach to enhancing resilience and personal growth among young minds.

A Journey Guided by Expertise

Educational psychologists, armed with evidence-based tools and approaches, have carefully crafted the F.L.Y. program. This workshop is thoughtfully tailored for children aged 7-12 years old, acknowledging their unique developmental stages and needs. With Kipa Shrestha at the helm, an authority in the field of educational psychology, participants can expect guidance that is both nuanced and compassionate.

Nurturing Resilience through Character Development

At the heart of the F.L.Y. program lies the fundamental objective of fostering resilience by cultivating essential character traits. These include:

  1. Self-awareness & Discovery: Empowering participants to understand themselves, their strengths, and areas for growth.
  2. Emotional Awareness & Processing: Equipping individuals with tools to navigate complex emotions, fostering emotional intelligence.
  3. Enhancing Self-Concept and Self-esteem: Nurturing a healthy sense of self-worth and confidence, crucial for holistic development.
  4. Positive Socialization Skills: Teaching the art of meaningful interactions, fostering positive relationships with peers.
  5. Building Compassion & Kindness: Instilling empathy and the value of kindness in diverse life situations.
  6. Mindfulness & Gratitude Practices: Providing techniques to stay present and embrace gratitude, enhancing overall well-being.
  7. Positive Self-Talk & Growth Mindset: Cultivating a positive inner dialogue and a mindset focused on growth and learning.
  8. Grit & Resilience: Developing the tenacity to persevere through challenges, emerging stronger on the other side.

An Engaging Journey of Five Weeks

The F.L.Y. program spans five enriching weeks, offering participants a well-paced and immersive experience. With one session per week, participants engage in activities that encourage introspection, collaboration, and skill-building. Guided by the expert hand of Kipa Shrestha, participants will embark on a journey of self-discovery, resilience-building, and personal growth.

A Call to Transformative Action

As parents, guardians, and caregivers, you have the power to shape your child’s future. Enroll your child in the F.L.Y. program today to provide them with the essential tools needed to navigate life’s challenges with confidence and resilience. Through collaborative activities, guided sessions, and practical exercises, your child will not only develop vital character traits but also learn to lead a flourishing life.

About the Practitioner

F.L.Y. - Flourishing and Leadership for the Youth 7Kipa Shrestha is a seasoned Educational Psychologist with a Master’s in Educational Psychology and a PostGraduate Certificate in Education. Currently pursuing a PhD in Psychology, Kipa’s expertise spans neurodevelopmental disorders, Brain Working Recursive Therapy, Hands on Autism, and more. With a decade of experience, Kipa excels in comprehensive psychological assessments, collaborating with clients, families, and educators at TDCC to drive holistic growth strategies. Kipa Shrestha is an expert catalyst for transformation, harnessing education, experience, and a deep passion for holistic well-being.

Enroll in F.L.Y. today and watch your child soar towards a brighter, more resilient future!


The Magic of Sensory Integration

Occupational Therapist Badar Jehan reveals the enchanting realm of “The Magic of Sensory Integration,” where every child’s potential finds its wings to soar!

Free and open to all parents, caregivers, educators, practitioners, and advocates of helping children with learning difficulties and developmental delays.


Welcome to “The Magic of Sensory Integration” webinar, where we will delve into the transformative world of sensory integration and its profound impact on children’s development. 

This webinar is designed to provide valuable insights into the principles and applications of sensory integration for children facing diverse diagnoses, equipping attendees with practical knowledge to enhance their therapeutic practices. Join us as we explore the power of sensory integration in fostering holistic growth and well-being in children.

Event Details:

Date: Thursday |  17th August

Time: 2:00 PM Dubai Time

Venue: Zoom

Cost: FREE

You will Learn:

1. Overview of the Sensory Integration approach.

2. Understanding the contribution of the sensory integration approach on children with different diagnoses.

3. Using sensory integration approach on children for their overall development.


1. Gain a Comprehensive Understanding: The webinar aims to offer a comprehensive overview of the sensory integration approach, shedding light on its core principles and methodologies. Participants will grasp the fundamental concepts, enabling them to appreciate the significance of sensory integration in promoting children’s overall development.

2. Empowerment through Knowledge: By focusing on the sensory integration approach’s application across various diagnoses, this webinar seeks to empower attendees with specialized knowledge. Participants will learn how to tailor their therapeutic interventions effectively, catering to the specific needs of children.

3. Foster Holistic Development: The webinar will emphasize utilizing the sensory integration approach as a powerful tool for nurturing holistic development in children. Attendees will discover how sensory integration techniques can enhance physical, cognitive, emotional, and social aspects of a child’s life, creating a positive impact on their overall well-being.

About the Speaker:

The Magic of Sensory Integration 8Our esteemed speaker, Badar Jehan, is a seasoned Occupational Therapist with a decade of experience in pediatrics. With an impressive background in the field, Badar holds valuable certifications in Sensory Integration, Praxis Testing (SIPT), SCERTS, and DIR Floortime 101. Her passion for helping children thrive in all aspects of their daily life drives her commitment to sharing invaluable insights during this webinar.

Grab this opportunity to unravel the magic of sensory integration and its potential to transform the lives of children. Join us for an enriching webinar that will equip you with practical strategies to make a positive difference in the lives of young individuals.

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