New Worldwide Webinar May 17th: Speech Delay in Children: Prevention and Early Intervention!


At The Developing Child Centre (TDCC) we shed the taboos associated with getting support. We transform despair into hope for our parents, we help all families find the gifts in every child and we work passionately with all children to achieve their full potential.

Our approach is simple. We believe that every child is brilliant, and we nurture and build children’s confidence and abilities. We work closely with children, parents and schools to ensure that no child is left behind not only within the educational system but also within society at large. We are dedicated to identifying, building and developing the skills required by children to feel confident and succeed.

The reason we achieve great results is because we are a compromised of truly dedicated multidisciplinary team, we believe in quality and a diverse specialty.

TDCC is proud to be working in close association with international expert partners that help provide continuous professional development for all our staff as well as access to the latest and most up to date strategies that help empower ALL our children.

 The Developing Child Centre’s wide scope of services and  programs are aimed at assessing, diagnosing, identifying and developing the skills children need to empower them socially, academically, emotionally, physically and/or behaviorally. We work with the community around our children, by providing training and professional development to parents and teachers.

We truly believe in a holistic 360 approach when working with children.


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