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Toilet Training Across Neurodiversity

In this enlightening worldwide webinar, participants will gain critical insights into the nuanced process of toilet training for neurodiverse children. This session aims to demystify the stages of toilet readiness, introduce effective routines and strategies applicable in both educational settings and home environments, and encourage the development of independence through personalized toilet training methods. Designed for parents, educators, and advocates, this webinar seeks to empower attendees with knowledge and techniques to support children with diverse learning needs on their journey to toilet training success.

Learning Objectives:

1. Identify Signs of Toilet Readiness. Learn to recognize the key indicators that a neurodiverse child is ready to begin toilet training, setting the stage for a positive and timely training experience.

2. Implement Supportive Routines and Strategies. Discover effective, inclusive strategies and routines that can be adapted for both school and home settings, ensuring a consistent and supportive toilet training process.

3. Foster Independence through Tailored Approaches. Understand how to customize toilet training approaches to meet the unique needs of each child, fostering a sense of independence and accomplishment.

About the Speaker

Toilet Training Across Neurodiversity 4Caroline Waweru is a distinguished Educator within the realm of Inclusive Education Services, boasting over a decade of dedicated experience in counseling and teaching. Caroline holds a Bachelor of Arts in Education and Counseling, is currently finalizing her Master of Arts in Counseling, and has a Diploma in Information Technology. She is certified in The Intensive Early Intervention and School Readiness Programme by Dr. Donia Fahim, the ADOS2 course by Marianna Murin, and SCERTS1, demonstrating her commitment to comprehensive, evidence-based educational practices.

Her areas of expertise include the development of Individual Education Plans (IEPs), counseling, classroom management, and the implementation of evidence-based assessment strategies and intervention approaches, particularly for ASD and various learning challenges. As an ardent inclusion advocate and pediatric first aid provider, Caroline’s approach is holistic, focusing on equipping her students with the skills needed for both academic and personal success.

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