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The Arrowsmith Program – TDCC Dubai

The Arrowsmith Program at TDCC is a groundbreaking educational approach designed specifically for children facing learning and emotional challenges. Utilizing the latest advances in neuroscientific research, the program is based on the proven principles of neuroplasticity which help to rewire the brain, enhancing cognitive capacities and emotional resilience.

Who is it for?

– Children who experience difficulties in learning, attention, and emotional regulation.

It enhances:

  • Functions for literacy and numeracy
  • Processing speed and memory
  • Capacities to communicate, problem solve, reason, self-organize
  • Emotional strength and resilience
  • Improve cognitive and academic performance
  • Increase rate of learning
  • Increase independence and self directed learning
  • Increase in attention, listening and staying focused
  • Increase emotional and social wellbeing
  • Independence in daily life and Shift to growth mindset

Program Highlights

Targeted Cognitive Exercises: Each student receives personalized training that focuses on improving literacy, numeracy, memory, processing speed, and more.

Comprehensive Skill Development: Enhances overall academic performance, increases learning rates, and fosters greater independence and self-directed learning.

Emotional and Social Growth: Promotes emotional resilience and social well-being, helping children navigate daily life challenges and shift towards a growth mindset.

Why Choose the Arrowsmith Program?

Scientifically Backed: Developed from extensive research and scientifically tested methods to ensure real, measurable improvements in cognitive function.

Holistic Improvement: Beyond academic achievement, our program supports the overall well-being of students, preparing them for a successful and independent life.

Community and Support: Join a community of like-minded parents and professionals dedicated to holistic child development only at TDCC, Dubai!

Join Us on 25th of April:

If you are

– Parents seeking a supportive, effective alternative to traditional learning methods.

– Professionals looking for evidence-based interventions to support learners with unique learning needs.

Then this is for you!

Discover how the Arrowsmith Program can make a difference in your child’s life. Attend our complimentary information session to learn more about the program, meet our team, and connect with other parents and professionals. Together, we can unlock your child’s potential and pave the way for a brighter future.

About the speakers:

Debbie Gilmore is a passionate change-maker and Executive Director of Arrowsmith Worldwide, dedicated to transforming education and learning worldwide. With over 40 years of experience spanning classrooms to administrative roles, she’s driving educational reform. Debbie collaborates globally with educators and professionals in a wide field to help them bring about cognitive enhancement to unlock every human’s potential.

Rita Margarita, European and Middle East Representative, Arrowsmith Program. Rita Margarita, an Arrowsmith teacher and founder of the Cognitive Enhancement Centre in Switzerland, was driven to explore innovative educational solutions by her son’s struggles within the conventional school system. Her discovery of the Arrowsmith Program not only transformed her child from struggling to thriving but also inspired her to bring this transformative approach to others. Today, she advocates for cognitive enhancement through targeted training, sharing her story and expertise across Europe and the Middle East to help students overcome similar challenges.

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