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Developmental Assessments

A developmental assessment for children under age 5 is an attempt to assess various aspects of the child’s functioning, including areas such as cognition, communication, behavior, social interaction, motor and sensory abilities, and adaptive skills. Assessment of the family and the child’s environment also provides important contextual information.

Developmental assessments are usually done because of a concern that the child may have a developmental delay or disorder.

It is important to include a developmental assessment when  evaluating children with possible developmental problems because such assessments can:

  • Help identify possible developmental problems and the need for further diagnostic evaluation
  • Provide an objective description of the child’s abilities and deficits (a functional assessment)
  • Determine eligibility for programs (such as early intervention programs)
  • Aid in planning for appropriate interventions.


Our team of psychologists and specialists complete a developmental assessment to provide a functional evaluation of all developmental domains including:

  • Referral for an objective test of hearing
  • Standardized testing of:
    • Cognitive ability
    • Communication
    • Motor/physical skills
    • Adaptive skills
    • Social, emotional, and behavioral functioning
    • sensory processing
  • Observation of the child at informal or structured play and of parent-child interactions
  • Parental interview to elicit their concerns, obtain a history of the child’s early development, and gather information about the child’s current level of functioning
  • Review of the child’s records (health, education, and daycare, etc.) and family medical history


Children are typically seen for:

  • Delays in language and communication
  • Delays in motor development
  • Delays in self-help skills including toileting concerns
  • Delays in interaction
  • Motor delays
  • Challenging behavior/tantrums

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