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Psycho-Educational Assessments

In today’s complex educational system, educational psychologists work with educators, administrators, teachers, and students to learn more about how to help people learn best.

They study the social, emotional, and cognitive processes involved in learning and apply their findings to improve the learning process. This often involves finding ways to identify students who may need extra help or enrichment, developing programs aimed at helping students who are struggling or those who need an extension, and even creating new learning methods.

At TDCC our assessments are critical in helping to understand your child’s strengths and specific challenges. Once the assessment is complete the Educational Psychologist works directly with the child, parents, and the school and provides a comprehensive report with detailed recommendations and a plan that minimizes barriers to learning.

We assess and support children and adolescents with:

  • Attention difficulties and/or hyperactivity
  • Poor concentration · Poor memory and retention
  • Giftedness or learning challenges
  • Low academic grades
  • Delayed language development
  • Developmental delays · Reading and writing difficulties
  • Math difficulties and other academic difficulties
  • Cognitive assessment and IQ
  • Special exam arrangements

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