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Tele-psychological services (including assessment) are designed to allow access to care for individuals that live in remote areas, or have difficulty attending in-office appointments. Telehealth services are particularly important during emergency periods that limit our ability to freely move about our communities.  

To properly conduct psychological service, clinicians will utilize a combination of: 

  • Tele-health (online/video/phone, i.e., Zoom) appointments for the initial interviews and feedback. Any stakeholder interviews (e.g., teachers) will be conducted via phone.  
  • Online platform assessment measures: certain measures are available for administration remotely. Assessors will guide individuals on how to confidentially (and with the appropriate psychometric guidelines) complete measures remotely.  
  • At home rating forms: Rating forms, that are typically provided at the office to be completed at home, will be emailed.  
  • If there are measures that cannot be completed remotely. TDCC psychology assessors will coordinate, with individuals and families, a plan that integrates school visits, home visits, or TDCC visits (depending on individual situations). This plan will be discussed during your phone consultation. 


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