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Transitional Program

This is an inclusion bridging program, a joint collaboration with mainstream schools to support the gradual transition of children with additional needs into the mainstream classroom. It is a supervised and coordinated gradual shift into full time inclusion.

The program runs like a regular mainstream classroom with the added benefit of a high adult to pupil ratio. The curriculum has as an academic focus in line with the mainstream school curricula with the added focus on developing key skills required to engage meaningfully with a mainstream classroom: independence, communication skills, social and emotional development and regulated behavior. All students have learning passports (individual education plans). Parental involvement is encouraged and welcomed. Small group and private speech and language therapy, occupational therapy and ABA are offered within the school day.

Pupil progress is carefully tracked and monitored using a range of tools including the school’s tracking and monitoring systems, standardized tests, Occupational Therapy and Speech and Language Therapy assessments.

The children will be included in the mainstream community as appropriate to their individual needs and will have lots of opportunity for this throughout their week with an incremental pathway throughout the year.

Students attend specialist classes e.g. swimming, P.E and Music, Arabic as well as get involved in ECA when appropriate.

The program runs under the direction of KHDA. In partnership with the school we are able to show progress against the school curriculum, developmental programs and therapeutic programs.

This program is suitable for any school looking to meaningfully and appropriately support students with Determination in their schools with a vision and commitment towards “real” inclusion within their communities.

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