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Spring Camp 2024

Spring Camp is here!

TDCC warmly welcomes your child to Spring Camp 2024, a vibrant place of learning and exploration tailored for children with learning challenges. Over two transformative weeks, our campers will immerse themselves in the rejuvenating spirit of spring, engaging with our lively themes, “Creepy Crawlers” and “Flowers and Trees.” This unique program is carefully crafted to blend educational enrichment, therapeutic support, and boundless fun, all within an inclusive, nurturing environment that cherishes each child’s individual learning needs.


1. To cultivate an inclusive learning environment where children of all abilities are supported and celebrated. With personalized care from our specialist educators, speech therapists, and occupational therapists, every child is set on a path of growth and discovery.

2. To encourage comprehensive development through engaging activities ranging from Music & Movement and Sensory Play to Arts & Crafts, Literacy & Numeracy, Storytelling, Social Skills, Cooking, and Role Play. We aim to stimulate sensory, cognitive, emotional, and physical development, ensuring a holistic learning experience.

3. To inspire connection with nature by embracing the essence of spring, our camp encourages children to explore and connect with the natural world. Through hands-on experiences with “Creepy Crawlers” and “Flowers and Trees,” we nurture a sense of wonder, respect for nature, and a lifelong curiosity.

4. Boost confidence and independence for children to showcase their abilities, make choices, and express their individuality in a supportive community, fostering self-esteem and encouraging independence.

5. To foster social bonds as we are dedicated to creating opportunities for meaningful social interactions, enabling campers to forge friendships, enhance communication skills, and develop a deep-seated empathy and understanding for others.

6. To provide a safe and welcoming atmosphere to enjoy an inclusive, and accessible setting where children feel at home, respected, and encouraged to be their true selves, supported by a team well-versed in inclusive practices.

Join us at TDCC’s Spring Camp 2024 for a season of growth, learning, and joy. We are a community where children with special learning needs can blossom and flourish together. Let’s embrace the spring season with open hearts, fostering an environment where every child can discover their potential and celebrate the beauty of diversity.

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