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Through sustainable practice and under the umbrella of the Global Sustainability Goal 8, we source and train LSAs in a uniquely tailored way to meet the needs of each child. If you have a child with individual needs who requires additional support, we can connect you to a reliable, skilled assistant who will understand your child’s needs. We will develop your LSA specifically to support your child’s needs in a meaningful way to ensure that they make progress. Our LSAs are professionally skilled and can be monitored throughout our journey together.




Partners 6From Beautiful People is an art studio for people with special needs in the age of 18+, or… people of determination, as we call them in the UAE. The studio is a space where our students learn artistic skills and develop life skills, social skills, and communication skills.

Through the medium of art, we bring the process of self-expression to individuals of all abilities, to help them realize their full potential and prevail over life’s challenges. 

The next-door community café is a place where we are bringing awareness about POD, diversity, and inclusion. The community café is a place where we conduct workshops like Arabic calligraphy, art sessions, American sign language, inclusive dance sessions and inclusive afterschool activities. It’s a place where we are bringing people from all walks of life together, to inspire and get inspired. It is a place where you will be accepted the way you are.

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