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Caroline Waweru


Carolyne’s objectives and goals are to learn and understand behavior through psychology and develop appropriate assessment strategies and intervention approaches based on specific children’s needs. 

Carolyne holds a bachelor’s degree in Education counselling from the Kenya Methodist University. Carolyne is currently completing a Master of Arts in Education.

Carolyne has been actively involved in mentorship and counselling programs involving children from preschool age to teenagers. Carolyne is an accredited associate counselor under the Kenya counseling and psychological association.

Carolyne found her experience with preschoolers extremely rewarding having had the chance to interact with children with learning difficulties under the umbrella of the Phil Academy group of schools in Kenya and the University of Maryland School of medicine- Nairobi Kenya Office.

Seeing children transition to mainstream schools, overcome challenges, and become independent is not only a reward for Carolyne but brings her great joy.

Other therapists

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Speech & Language Therapist

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Dr. Kayleigh Sumner

Doctor of Applied Educational Psychology (DAppEdPsy) Educational Psychology (BA Hons) Registered as a “Practitioner Psychologist” with the Health and Care Professionals Council Chartered Psychologist with the British Psychological Society


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