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Naomi Njoki Wanjiru

Learning Support and Classroom Assistant

With an academic foundation rooted deeply in understanding and helping students with Special Education Needs (SEN), Naomi holds a Diploma in Special Needs Education from the Kenya Institute of Special Education in 2017. Her commitment to continuous learning saw her gain a certificate in Engaging & Supporting People with Autism from Swinburne University and an insightful course on Understanding Dyslexia from Dyslexia Kenya in 2021. She began her journey in the educational realm with a Certificate in Early Childhood Development Education from Thogoto Teachers Training College in 2014.

Spanning a dedicated decade, Naomi has worked diligently across esteemed schools supporting  early years children including children with learning challenges. Her expertise includes, but is not limited to, designing and implementing lesson plans, ensuring students understand and resonate with the curriculum, providing invaluable guidance to students with academic challenges, and fostering a nurturing environment for students with special needs.

Her experience encompasses working with children diagnosed with Autism Spectrum Disorder, ADHD, visual impairment, Down Syndrome, and various learning difficulties. She’s adept at creating Individual Education Plans (IEP) tailored to students’ unique needs and collaboratively working with parents, education specialists, and therapists in early intervention programs. Naomi’s ability to communicate in Kenya Sign Language and her ongoing efforts to learn American Sign Language (ASL) showcase her adaptability and commitment to reaching every student. 

Grounded in the belief that early intervention can significantly alter the trajectory of a child with special needs, Naomi approaches her role at TDCC with empathy, passion, and dedication. She consistently stays updated with the latest research and best practices in special education. By combining her organizational skills, academic background, and her inherent ability to communicate effectively with students, parents, and colleagues, Naomi has left an indelible mark in every classroom she’s been a part of. 

Naomi Njoki Wanjiru is more than just a Classroom Assistant; she’s a beacon of hope for students with special needs. Her tenacity, combined with her knowledge, ensures that TDCC’s Inclusive Education Services remains at the forefront of special education. Above all, she stands firm in her commitment to ensure every child thrives, feels included, and reaches their fullest potential in a nurturing and empowering environment.

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