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Asha Mathew


Asha Mathew is an esteemed educator, holding a Bachelor of Physiotherapy from the Institute of Health Sciences, Mangalore University, India. Augmenting her qualifications, she acquired Certificates of Competence in Educational Testing and Access Arrangement Tester from the British Psychological Society in 2019. Further attesting to her commitment to professional development, Asha is currently advancing her knowledge through a Master of Education in Special and Inclusive Education at the British University Dubai.

Spanning an impressive 19-year tenure in the field, Asha offers invaluable experience, particularly in addressing conditions such as Dyslexia, Autism, ADHD, ADD, and other developmental delays. More than just an educator, Asha acts as an unwavering ally, profoundly tuning into each student’s distinct needs. Harnessing her flexible teaching methodologies, she meticulously crafts lesson plans and interventions that resonate with diverse learning styles, ensuring every child feels acknowledged and empowered. Central to her philosophy is the conviction that within every child lies a latent spark of curiosity. By nurturing this flame, Asha guarantees sustained engagement, motivation, and enthusiasm amongst her learners.

Yet, Asha’s impact extends far beyond the classroom walls. As a passionate environmental advocate, she has been instrumental in steering environment-focused initiatives, fostering a culture of sustainability and embedding within her students a deep-seated respect and responsibility towards nature. This fervor intertwines effortlessly with her pedagogical practices, as she adeptly leverages technology and multimedia tools to curate multi-sensory lessons, thereby enhancing student motivation and knowledge retention.

In recognizing education’s multifaceted spectrum, Asha propounds a holistic stance. She actively bridges gaps with parents, orchestrating comprehensive behavior strategies and elucidating the nuances of Individualized Education Plans. This ensures each student’s journey is enriched with a holistic educational experience, upholding the bespoke inclusive education services of TDCC. Within the TDCC framework, Asha’s role is expansive, encompassing synergistic collaborations with parents, educators, supervisors, and other practitioners. This creates a resilient support scaffold for each student. With Asha as a cornerstone of the team, TDCC solidifies its pledge to inclusive education and the holistic growth of its student community.

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