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Eva Szulyovszky

BCBA Supervisor

Eva Szulyovszky, a BCBA Supervisor at The Developing Child Centre’s ABA Therapy Services, is a luminary in the field of behavioral science, validated by her prestigious role as a Professional Advisory Board Member and Certified Training Provider of the International Behavior Analysis Organization (IBAO). Bringing unparalleled depth of expertise in supporting children with learning challenges, she is dedicated to implementing transformative, evidence-based ABA (Applied Behavior Analysis) interventions that empower children and their families, both locally and internationally. 

With a strong academic foundation, Eva holds a Board Certified Behavior Analyst (BCBA) certification from Pennsylvania State University and a Master’s degree in Child Psychology from the City University of New York. Further bolstering her qualifications, she has taken doctoral-level classes in Clinical Child Psychology. 

Eva has a wealth of experience leading multi-disciplinary teams in various settings, from serving as the Clinical Director at the Wilson Centre for Child Development in Dubai to being the Founder and Clinical Director of the Hungarian-American ABA Therapy Center in Budapest. Her roles have involved everything from staff training and program development to performance evaluations, reinforcing her breadth and depth of clinical expertise for over 20 years. 

Her patient-centric approach is backed by rigorous evaluations, comprehensive treatment plans, and ongoing assessments. Eva has a particular talent for adapting these evidence-based practices to meet the unique needs of each child, thus enabling holistic development in expressive and receptive language, reading, writing, and social skills. Her consultative role extends globally, offering specialized guidance to international families from countries such as Japan, Kuwait, and Brazil, underscoring her adaptability and cultural sensitivity. 

At TDCC, Eva leads regular clinical and parent meetings, focusing on clients’ development and progress, and providing training to parents and professionals. She continuously enriches the team with her proven methods, ensuring the highest standard of service delivery. Eva’s influence extends to professional organizations, being a board member of the International Behavior Analysis Organization and a founding member of the Hungarian Association for Behavior Analysis. These affiliations fortify TDCC’s commitment to evidence-based practice and international standards. 

Eva is also committed to her own professional development, having attended advanced workshops conducted by renowned experts in the field. Fluent in English and a native Hungarian speaker, she embodies the international, multi-cultural ethos that defines TDCC.

Eva Szulyovszky is not just a supervisor; she is a leader, a consultant, and an advocate for children and families navigating the complexities of learning challenges. Her commitment to excellence, passion for education, and dedication to empowering both her team and her clients make her an invaluable asset to The Developing Child Centre.

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