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Mark Anthony Velano


Mark received his Bachelor in Special Education in 2012 with additional courses from the Master of Special Education at the University of San Agustin, Philippines.

He is a dynamic teacher with diverse experience and a strong passion for teaching approaches that foster meaningful, interactive, and effective student learning experiences. 

Prior to joining TDCC, Mark spent the past nine years working in various institutions in Thailand and in UAE which enabled him to practice and apply his knowledge and understanding about teaching and learning in both the mainstream and special education contexts. He believes in inspiring students to learn so they achieve their potential. Mark was also an adviser and a subject teacher responsible for Moral Education and Social Studies.  

When he is not busy teaching students Mark is passionate about arts and crafts, painting, and abstract arts. He incorporates this gift and passion to provide meaningful and effective lifelong learning for his students.

Other therapists

Olyver Martin

Registered Behavior Technician

Amina Shazib

Supervising Lead educator


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