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Mark Anthony Velano


Mark Athony Velano earned a Bachelor of Elementary Education Major in Special Education degree in 2012 with Academic Units in Master of Arts Major in Special Education from the University of San Agustin, Philippines. Mark has been a Special Educational Needs and Inclusion teacher for eight years. This experience has made him a competent, efficient, and dedicated teacher in the field of special education.

Prior to joining TDCC, Mark has worked in various institutions in Thailand and across the UAE which enabled him to practice and apply his knowledge and understanding about teaching and learning in both the mainstream and special education contexts. He believes in inspiring students to learn in a fun yet structured way so they can achieve their potential. He has been a classroom adviser and a subject teacher responsible for Moral Education and Social Studies.

Mark never stops learning and he believes that learning is a continuing accumulation of knowledge and innovation to stay abreast of what is the best approach, methodology and proven evidenced-based practices to apply in the early intervention field. Some of his recent trainings, courses and certifications include The Intensive Early Intervention and School Readiness Programme by Dr. Donia Fahim, Learning Support Teacher/Assistant Licensing Course from The British University in Dubai, ABA Foundation Training, and  Severe Behaviour Problem and Crises Management by ABLE, UK.

Mark is a dynamic teacher with diverse experience, his strong passion for teaching fosters meaningful, interactive, and effective student learning experiences. At TDCC, Mark upholds a good working rapport together with parents, fellow educators, supervisors, specialists and therapists in fostering and supporting the welfare and development of every child.

When he is not busy teaching students, Mark is passionate about arts and crafts, painting, and abstract art. He incorporates this gift and passion to provide meaningful and effective lifelong learning for his students. This talented SEN teacher sees every way possible and uses his gifts to encapsulate a holistic learning experience and give every child the chance to explore the world in their own unique perspective.

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