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Ephraim Licay


Ephraim Licay, a seasoned educator with over 13 years of rich experience in the realm of teaching, is a dynamic member of the Inclusive Education Services team at The Developing Child Centre (TDCC). His academic journey began with a Bachelor’s degree in Elementary Education from the University of Rizal System Rodriguez in the Philippines, laying a solid foundation for his ensuing career.

Since earning his professional teacher’s license in 2012, Ephraim has devoted his career to educating preschool and elementary students. While his expertise spans various subjects, he has a special affinity for Science education, skillfully bringing the wonders of the natural world into his classroom across all grade levels.

Ephraim’s dedication and skill were quickly recognized, leading to his promotion to the role of Head Teacher after just four years in the field. This role saw him not only imparting knowledge but also shaping the school’s educational ethos and curriculum.

Ephraim’s journey in education is further enriched by his continuous pursuit of professional development. He has attended various training programs, including Teaching English as a Foreign Language (TEFL) and conferences focused on innovative education strategies. His participation in workshops on guidance and counseling, classroom etiquette, and basic survival and first aid are testaments to his dedication to all aspects of student well-being and preparedness.

In his current role at TDCC, Ephraim brings his wealth of experience and enthusiasm for inclusive education. His approach is characterized by an empathetic understanding of each student’s unique learning journey. He applies his diverse skill set to create an engaging, supportive, and inclusive learning environment, where every child is encouraged to explore, grow, and excel.

Ephraim Licay’s journey in education is not just a career but a testament to his passion for shaping young minds and hearts. His impact on his students goes beyond the classroom, leaving a lasting imprint on their lives. As he continues his journey at TDCC, Ephraim remains a vital contributor to the Centre’s mission of nurturing well-rounded, confident, and compassionate individuals.

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