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Nikki Nouriene Belgira

ABA Therapist

Nikki is a Registered Behaviour Technician and a Certified International Behaviour Therapist under International Behaviour Analysis Organization. She received her degree in Bachelor of Science in Psychology with a certificate in Human Resource and Management at Silliman University Philippines in 2017. Nikki is a certified CPR, AED and first aid provider for children and infants. She has recently completed a Professional Licensing Training for Assistant Behaviour Analyst from British University, Dubai, UAE.

Prior to joining TDCC, Nikki worked as a Behaviour Therapist in one of the child development centres in Dubai. She has also worked as a home-based and school-based Behaviour Therapist supporting children with Autism Spectrum Disorder (ASD), learning and developmental delays in the UAE.

Nikki enjoys sharing about ABA strategies and principles and she believes that these are something to be shared with, to spread awareness about how ABA Therapy could do incredible work with children. At TDCC, Nikki works closely with parents, therapists and supervisors for the growth and development of children under her care. Nikki is passionate with her work as an ABA therapist, she never stops learning and using evidence-based practice in investing in the progress of every child.

Nikki is dedicated to working with young children, giving hope, improving their social skills, supporting and addressing their specific challenges until they reach their full potential and to be able to live independently. Parents have been very generous with their feedback. They give genuine praises and affirmation of how happy and impressed they are by the result of their children’s journey in the TDCC ABA services. This is true as they see it in every milestone their child is making under Nikki’s wings.

At TDCC, Nikki always keeps her light shining bright to every child, to every family, and to anyone who sees her smile.

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