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Ataa Mohammad Atoun

Educational Psychologist

Ataa Mohammad Atoun brings her dedicated expertise to The Developing Child Centre as an Educational Psychologist. She has earned a Master’s degree in Community Psychology (2015) and a Bachelor’s degree in Psychology with a minor in Education (2011), both from Birzeit University. Currently, she is further advancing her expertise by pursuing a Master of Science in Clinical Psychology at the United Arab Emirates University.

Fluent in Arabic, Hebrew, and English, Ataa has spent over a decade working with diverse student populations across various educational settings. Her journey includes significant roles in counseling and wellbeing, where she has been instrumental in establishing comprehensive counseling programs, actively engaging students, parents, and educators.

Ataa’s professional tenure has been marked by her leadership as the Head of Counseling and Wellbeing, where she has effectively managed psychological services in schools, addressing a wide range of student needs. Her experience as a high school counselor and a SEND teacher for SEN students further underscores her ability to tailor her approach to diverse learning and emotional needs.

Her proficiency extends beyond counseling to include psychological assessments and analysis, utilizing tools such as MMSE, H.T.P test, Gestalt Bender test, ADHD test, Wechsler tests, T.A.T, and C.A.T. Ataa has also specialized in Applied Behavioral Analysis (ABA), enhancing her skill set to offer targeted interventions for children’s developmental challenges.

Ataa’s commitment to the field is evident in her active role in training teachers and Learning Support Assistants, focusing on all aspects of child development. She has provided valuable resources for educators and parents to better understand and support the academic, social, and emotional needs of students.

Her collaborative work with school leadership in developing educational timetables reflects her comprehensive understanding of the educational ecosystem. At TDCC, Ataa continues to leverage her extensive experience and passion for psychology to foster an environment where every child can thrive, meeting their unique developmental milestones. Her multilingual ability and multicultural experience make her an invaluable asset to TDCC’s inclusive and diverse community.

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