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Rita Kemedos

Psychomotor Therapy

Rita Kedemos, a distinguished Psychomotor Therapist at The Developing Child Center, impressively blends her advanced academic achievements with a wealth of hands-on experience to support children requiring specialized interventions. Holding a French State Diploma in Psychomotricity from the esteemed Pierre et Marie Curie University in Paris (2013), her educational trajectory also includes a succession of degrees from St. Joseph University, Achrafieh: Masters in Psychomotricity (2005), M.A in Psychomotricity (2003), and a B.A in Psychomotricity (2001). This foundation emphasizes Rita’s dedication and expertise in her domain.

Proficient in Arabic, French, and English, Rita’s linguistic versatility enables her to effectively engage with a diverse clientele, ensuring nuanced communication and personalized care.

Over her illustrious career, Rita has donned various hats, from serving in private clinics as a Psychomotor Therapist to leading as the Director of Psycho Medico Psycho Pedagogical Centre in Beirut. Her academic pursuits saw her in esteemed roles at Saint Joseph University as an Internship Coordinator and Lecturer. Here, she shared insights on relaxation, the interplay between psychiatric conditions and psychomotor therapy, and more.

With a remarkable 20 years of dedicated service across diverse establishments in Lebanon and France, Rita’s hands-on experience with children spans a wide spectrum, from NGOs to educational institutions. Her expertise encompasses integrating children with academic challenges, guiding students, and supervising internships — all the while nurturing a conducive environment for holistic child development.

Rita’s methodology is rooted in a child-centric approach, always placing the individual needs of each child at the forefront. From psychomotor reeducation and relaxation techniques to collaborative initiatives, she tailors her interventions based on her expansive experience.

At TDCC, Rita’s multifaceted expertise comes into play as she collaborates with a multidisciplinary team, ensuring children with varying needs receive bespoke, evidence-driven interventions. Rita’s unwavering dedication, combined with her profound understanding of psychomotricity, renders her an invaluable pillar of the TDCC community, championing the progress and well-being of every child under her care.

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