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Anita Harris


Anita Harris, a dedicated educator in the Inclusive Education Services at The Developing Child Centre is distinguished by her deep-seated commitment to inclusive education and her broad expertise in supporting young learners. Anita’s educational foundation includes a CACHE Level 3 Diploma for the Early Years, complemented by her ongoing studies for a Foundation Degree in Arts, focusing on Early Childhood and Education at Anglia Ruskin University, UK.

Her professional journey, spanning 4 years, has been marked by a significant commitment to nurturing inclusive learning environments, particularly within international schools in Dubai. This experience has afforded her a deep understanding of the challenges and opportunities presented by diverse educational settings, enabling her to tailor her approach to support early years and Key Stage 1 children effectively.

Anita’s expertise encompasses a broad range of critical areas in developmental support, including the EYFS curriculum, sensory play, communication and language development, and social-emotional intervention programs. Her ability to develop and implement innovative strategies, such as sensory play, to enhance communication and language development among children is particularly noteworthy. Anita recognizes the transformative power of play in fostering children’s language skills and communication development.

An advocate for inclusive education, Anita actively engages with TDCC’s multidisciplinary team, contributing her expertise as inclusion educator to forge meaningful learning pathways that foster independence and enhance the developmental journey of every child.

Anita Harris’s extensive experience within international schools in Dubai, coupled with her passion for early childhood education, positions her as an integral part of TDCC’s inclusive education services. Her dedication to enriching the educational experiences of children with varied abilities ensures that they are provided with the support necessary to achieve their full potential.

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