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Mary Jane Valenzuela


Mary Jane Valenzuela is a Special Education Needs teacher with more than 10 years of experience. She received her Master of Arts in Education with a major in Special Education from the Philippine Normal University in 2018. She graduated with a degree in Bachelor of Elementary Education in Special Education from the First Asia Institute of Technology and Humanities in 2009, the same year she acquired a Professional Teacher license in the Philippines. Jane began her journey in the field of Special Education shortly after receiving her bachelor’s degree.

She has been very productive in her chosen specialization where her interest embraces teaching children with autism and those with learning and intellectual difficulties. Among the highlights of her extensive experience in the Philippines and in Dubai include her being a SPED coordinator, college instructor, and conducting training to aspiring SPED teachers in a university. Her expertise encompasses creating and implementing IEPs, behaviour and classroom management, teachers’ training and using evidence-based behavioural and academic approaches.

At TDCC, Jane works intently with parents, educators, specialists, and therapists in the early intervention program developing and implementing IEPs and instructional materials to address the specific needs of each and every child. Her passion and well-grounded experience in Special Education gives her the determination to continue giving hope and helping children with special needs and be able to bring light in every family she works with. Jane believes that the most important element in helping children reach their fullest potential is to let them trust and love the teacher first.

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