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Aline Hussein


Aline Hussein’s steadfast commitment to fostering an inclusive learning environment shines brightly in her 5-year journey as a special education teacher. Graduating with a Bachelor of Special Education from the University of Science and Arts in Lebanon, she continually demonstrates her dedication to the field as she progresses through her Master of Special Education at Lebanese University.

Her extensive practical experience has made her proficient in addressing diverse needs, encompassing autism, Down syndrome, ADHD, Dyslexia, Dyscalculia, and other complex learning challenges. Aline’s strength lies not only in her ability to tailor her teaching methods to each unique learner but also in her innovative approach to integrating her passion for music and theater into her lessons. Playing the Oud for over nine years, she marries music with education, offering a multisensory teaching experience. Furthermore, her theater exposure adds an animated touch to her sessions, keeping students continually engaged.

Throughout her career, Aline has thrived in various roles — from shadow teaching at institutions like Babies First and Phoenix International School, where she employed specialized Individual Education Plans, to direct classroom teaching in both special needs center and school settings, dealing with students exhibiting a spectrum of needs. At every juncture, she displayed an impressive ability to uplift students from their initial academic levels, exemplifying true teaching prowess.

A true advocate for collaborative learning, Aline’s tenure showcases her dedication to teaming up with multidisciplinary professionals, parents, and fellow educators. This ensures each student’s journey is enriched with a 360-degree educational experience, upholding the bespoke inclusive education services of TDCC. Her consistent involvement in workshops and volunteer initiatives, coupled with her exploration of advanced teaching tools like robotics in education, underscores her holistic and dedicated approach to education.

In essence, Aline Hussein is not just an educator; she’s a beacon of hope in the world of special education. Her eclectic blend of traditional teaching, coupled with music and drama, and her unwavering commitment to each student’s progress make her an invaluable asset to TDCC’s mission of inclusive education.

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