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Social Club for Tweens and Teens

Literacy and Dyslexia Specialists are facilitating this Social Club for Tweens and Teens!

This program is highly recommended for children between 10 and 15 years old.

Tweens and teens need a safe space to socialize, grow, and learn. Join our Social Club workshop designed specifically for this age group and provide your child with the opportunity to develop social skills, make new friends, and have fun. Sign up now and give your child the chance to thrive!

The program focuses on the following objectives:

1. To provide a safe and inclusive environment for neurodiverse tweens and teens to socialize and make new friends.

2.To promote self-esteem and self-acceptance among members through positive reinforcement and activities that focus on individual strengths and abilities.

3. To share information to members and their families about neurodiversity and the strengths and challenges associated with different neurotypes.

4. To offer opportunities for tweens and teens to develop social skills and communication strategies through structured activities and group discussions.

5. To provide a platform for tweens and teens to share their experiences and support one another in navigating the challenges of neurodiversity in a neurotypical world.

6. To empower tweens and teens to advocate for themselves and their neurotype in educational, professional and personal settings.

7. To provide a platform for tweens and teens to develop their talents, interests and skills through fun and engaging activities and programs.

WhatsApp 050 1466319 for for details and registration.

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