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Rose Ann Peoro


Rose Ann holds a degree in Bachelor of Elementary Education Major in Special Education from the University of Nueva Caceres, Philippines in October 2015.  She gained meaningful and hands-on experience in teaching children with significant needs during her internship in Naga City SPED Centre.

Rose Ann gained extensive experience in sharing her expertise in sign language during her role as a Data Encoder in Naga City Persons with Disability Office, as an office assistant in a financial firm and operating as a cafe receptionist. Proficient in the use of American and Filipino Sign Languages, she has been a regular lecturer in Sign Language Training and workshops for police officers, fire fighters, doctors, and university students in her hometown in the Philippines.

Born Deaf, her disability has never been an impediment to completing and earning her degree in Special Education in order to help other people with determination. Rose Ann developed a strong advocacy in bridging the communication gap of hearing and deaf people. As she continues this advocacy, she never stops pursuing her dreams to be more helpful, visible and within reach of children with learning difficulties. Rose Ann possesses an innate and compelling nature to understand children with developmental challenges better.  She continues her aspirations to share and contribute her knowledge and abilities in educating children.

Rose Ann collaborates with parents, educators, therapists, specialists, and supervisors at TDCC in the implementation of learning programs for every child using evidence-based approaches. She explicitly uses her expertise in sign language in the exercise of multidimensional teaching strategies to connect and accommodate all children with diverse learning needs.

Rose Ann is a living proof that anything is possible because she puts her heart into it. She believes that disability needs not stand in the way of achieving her dreams. Rose Ann brings invaluable reasons to every parent to stay strong and proud to all their children. She will always be an inspiration, a hope that sparks and puts a smile on everyone’s face.

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