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Uzma Akser

Special Education Needs Coach

Uzma is a Special Education Needs Coach and Mentor and the founder of Coaching with Uzma. She is an ACA Coach Academies Certified and Credentialed Life and Academic Coach and a member of the International Coaching Federation (ICF). With an LLB (Hons) and an LPC from the UK and specific training in Human Rights, she strongly believes every human being has a voice that should be heard and valued. 

Also, as a mom with a child on the autism spectrum, Uzma has spent many years home educating her son. Seeing him progress in his academic, behavioral, social, and emotional development has been rewarding. She struggled when every single school didn’t believe in his ability, simply because he could not read at a certain age. Since then, she has taken ownership of his learning and has witnessed him flourish. 

This taught her so much about how a child can develop organically if they are provided with the right environment. Holistic education allows for curiosity, which encourages children to make connections in their learning using creative skills, thus making learning natural and engaging. She sees many parents struggling with their children who may have intellectual/developmental delays. The emotional overwhelm often doesn’t allow space for clarity hence feeling lost in creating a system that may work for the learner.

Through coaching and mentoring, parents can thrive once they have worked through a mindset shift, set goals, established a routine, and worked on a bespoke methodology for them as a family. Her biggest vision is to help motivate and empower all parents to help them thrive in their home education or work as a team if their child is at school – encouraging and supporting them to advocate on behalf of their children concerning inclusive education. 

We, as adults, need to trust them and follow their lead. She works closely with parents and schools through various programs that look at setting up the right environment for their children, which will allow them to learn and grow independently.

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