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Liz Hajj Nicolas

Supervising Speech and Language Therapist

Liz Hajj Nicolas holds a Master’s degree in Speech and Language Therapy, and a Bachelor’s degree in the same field both from Saint Joseph University, Beirut, Lebanon in 2017 and 2015 respectively. Her academic journey is complemented by various training and certifications, including ADOS 2 in the UK, Play Based Therapy in the USA, Individualizing Therapy with Fluency Disorder from Kenneth ST. Louis in Lebanon, Creating and Evaluating Trainers in the Inclusive Education Field from INSHEA in France, Cluttering Diagnosis and Treatment by Yvonne Van Zaalen in Lebanon, and Treating Stuttering from ABSF in France.

With an enriching background spanning over 8 years, Liz is a dedicated and accomplished Speech and Language Therapist. Her approach, deeply rooted in her qualifications and experience, seamlessly aligns with TDCC’s commitment to offering personalized and holistic support to children.

Since 2015, Liz has been conducting individual and group therapy sessions in diverse settings such as schools, clinics, and centers, proficiently catering to children in Arabic, French, and English. Her journey included overseeing a speech therapy department and leading a multidisciplinary team of therapists and teachers. Prior to this, she offered her expertise to various organizations and centers, consistently focusing on creating tailored treatment plans and family guidance.

Liz’s specialisation in verbal language and fluency disorders is enhanced by her inclination towards integrating play and child-led therapy in her sessions. This approach resonates with her belief that “Speech” Therapy is a holistic endeavour extending beyond mere verbal communication to include the overall communication development of a child.

At TDCC, Liz brings her extensive experience to support children who require Speech and Language Therapy. Her work is not just about addressing verbal challenges but also about nurturing a child’s communication skills through a comprehensive and individualized therapy plan that includes family guidance.

Liz has been acknowledged for her remarkable contributions, receiving the “Therapist of the Year” award in July 2022 and the “Therapist of the Month” award in January 2021. These accolades are a testament to her unwavering dedication to making a difference in the lives of children.

Liz Hajj Nicolas stands as an embodiment of TDCC’s ideals. Her over 8 years of experience, qualifications, child-centric approach, and impactful interventions converge to deliver transformative support to children at The Developing Child Centre.

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