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Sima Khayat

Speech and Language Therapist

Sima Khayat graduated with honours from the University of Manchester with a degree in Bachelor of Science in Speech and Language Therapy. Sima is a qualified Speech and Language Therapist who provides treatment, support and care for children who have difficulties with communication, eating, drinking and/or swallowing. She works with children who have overall delays in development as well as with those who have impairments that have been attributed to illness or injury.

Sima has worked in both hospital and classroom settings in the UK where she gained experience with the assessment and management of children with a variety of speech, language and communication difficulties that included Developmental Language Disorder, articulation disorders, phonological disorders, dysfluency, autism spectrum disorder and early communication difficulties.

Some of Sima’s treatment protocols include the Hanen approach for young children with early communication difficulties, Lego Therapy for children with social communication difficulties, and Colourful Semantics for children with developmental language disorders.

At TDCC, Sima is passionate about providing meaningful support to parents, educators, specialists, and therapists because she believes that everyone can be a good resource when it comes to challenges and learning differences of every child. She is specially interested in a comprehensive, integrated, and multi-disciplinary approach and the importance of professionals working together as a team and this is even made possible as she works closely with teachers in the mainstream school where TDCC provides support to their school-partners. TDCC SLTs play an important role in these schools as being part of the special education team. They are involved in the school’s intervention system and evaluation process.

Sima is fluent in English and Arabic with moderate levels in Spanish and French languages. With her linguistic background and using all the evidence-based interventions, she is taking the lead in helping children with all types of language and communication issues. Like all the SLTs in TDCC, Sima works on challenges like stuttering or trouble pronouncing word sounds. As speech therapy is tailored to meet a child’s need, our SLTs like Sima can address specific skills. She helps a child who has trouble with social skills make appropriate conversation or help a struggling reader connect letters to sounds. She embraces her profession with joy and passion watching children bloom as they succeed in their communication challenges.

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