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Summer Camp 2024

Specialist educators and therapists will offer exciting opportunities for children aged 4-14 to enjoy six weeks of fun, discovery, and learning at our transformative Summer Camp 2024. With a 2:1 child-to-adult ratio, we ensure optimum engagement and personalized attention for the best results.

Join us on a summer adventure where young minds explore, play, and create through hands-on science, sunny beach fun, and artistic musical expression!

6 weeks: 8th July- 16th August 

Timings: 9am – 1pm Monday-Thursday 9am-12pm Fridays


The Summer Camp for children in the Inlcusive Education Services is an exciting and engaging program designed to provide a nurturing and inclusive environment for young learners. The camp aims to support the holistic development of children by focusing on various aspects such as academics, social skills, motor movements, communication, attention, listening, arts and crafts, and sensory play. With the theme scientists and investigators, summer, beach, arts and music of  the camp offers a fun and immersive experience where children can explore, learn, and grow.


1. Academic Development: The camp aims to enhance academic skills by providing age-appropriate activities that focus on foundational concepts such as literacy, numeracy, problem-solving, and cognitive development. The objective is to foster a love for learning and promote academic readiness.

2. Social Skills: The camp aims to promote social interaction, cooperation, and positive peer relationships. Through group activities, team-building exercises, and collaborative projects, children will develop essential social skills such as sharing, taking turns, empathy, and effective communication.

3. Motor Movements: The camp focuses on enhancing both gross and fine motor skills. Children will engage in activities that promote coordination, balance, strength, and control, helping them improve their motor movements and physical abilities.

4. Communication: The camp aims to support children in developing effective communication skills. Through various activities and games, children will enhance their verbal and non-verbal communication abilities, vocabulary, expressive language, listening skills, and understanding of social cues.

5. Attention and Listening: The camp intends to help children improve their attention span and listening skills. Engaging activities and games will encourage children to focus, follow instructions, and respond appropriately, fostering better concentration and active listening abilities.

6. Arts and Crafts: The camp provides opportunities for creative expression and fine motor skill development through arts and crafts activities. Children will engage in various art projects, exploring different materials, colors, and techniques while expressing their imagination and creativity.

7. Sensory Play: The camp includes sensory play experiences to stimulate the senses and support sensory integration. Children will engage in hands-on activities that involve touch, sight, sound, smell, and even taste, fostering sensory exploration and development.

The overall objective of the Summer Camp is to create a safe, inclusive, and enriching environment where children can explore their potential, develop essential skills, build confidence, and experience the joy of learning and growth. By providing a diverse range of activities and a supportive community, the camp aims to empower children in their early developmental years and lay a strong foundation for their future success.

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