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Handwriting: Process and Neurocognitive Basics

 Delving into its neurocognitive foundations, the webinar aims to unfold the complex processes and essential skills underlying the development of handwriting. This session is uniquely tailored to provide a comprehensive understanding of the handwriting process in both Latin and Arabic scripts, emphasizing the role of cognitive functions.

Open to all educators, parents, therapists, practitioners and advocates, Thursday, November 23rd at 12pm Dubai Time!

You will learn:

1. The essential skills and processes that are responsible for the development of handwriting.

2. Characteristics of Latin and Arabic script and the role of cognitive functions

3. Assessment and intervention of handwriting: tests and techniques


1. Understanding Essential Handwriting Skills and Processes- Participants will gain a thorough understanding of the key skills and neurological processes involved in the development of handwriting. This segment offers a deep dive into how these processes interlink and contribute to writing proficiency.

2. Exploring Latin and Arabic Script Characteristic -The webinar will explore the distinctive features of Latin and Arabic handwriting, shedding light on how cognitive functions play a pivotal role in each script. Attendees will develop an appreciation of the script-specific demands and how they influence the handwriting process.

3. Handwriting Assessment and Intervention –  Mabelle will introduce various tests and techniques used in the assessment and intervention of handwriting difficulties. Participants will learn practical approaches for identifying and addressing challenges in handwriting, providing valuable insights for educators, therapists, and parents.

About the Speaker:

Mabelle El Koreh holds a Master’s in Research in Psychomotor Therapy. Mabelle is a Certified Master Family Coach, accredited by the revered Nancy Doyon Family Coaching Institute in Canada. Her training in Exchange and Development Therapy further augments her expertise. With 9 years of professional immersion, she’s proficient in psychomotor assessments and rehabilitations across all age groups. Mabelle employs evidence-based sensory, cognitive, and behavioral methodologies to hone motor, visual-spatial, handwriting, and executive functions. A staunch advocate for parent support and LSA Training, she’s trilingual, fluent in Arabic, French, and English.

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