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Dysgraphia through Occupational Therapy lenses

Occupational Therapist Aakansha Kandhelwal discusses  “Dysgraphia through Occupational Therapy lenses” in this engaging webinar.

This is designed for parents, therapists, educators, caregivers, practitioners and advocates of helping children with learning challenges and developmental delays.

In this Webinar, You will Learn:

1. Knowing Dysgraphia.
2. Identifying handwriting issues.
3. Occupational Therapy Intervention and Strategies.


The webinar replay titled “Dysgraphia through Occupational Therapy lenses” is designed to provide participants with a comprehensive understanding of dysgraphia and how occupational therapy can be used to address the difficulties experienced by individuals with this condition. Dysgraphia is a neurological disorder that affects an individual’s ability to write legibly, coherently, and with the appropriate speed. In this webinar replay, participants will learn about the different types of dysgraphia, common handwriting issues associated with this condition, and effective occupational therapy interventions and strategies.

Objectives of the Webinar:

-Understanding Dysgraphia: The webinar replay aims to help participants develop a comprehensive understanding of dysgraphia, including its definition, types, and prevalence.

-Identifying Handwriting Issues: Participants will learn about the common handwriting issues associated with dysgraphia, such as difficulty with letter formation, spacing, and alignment.

-Occupational Therapy Intervention: The webinar replay will provide participants with an overview of effective occupational therapy interventions for individuals with dysgraphia, including handwriting exercises, sensory-motor activities, and cognitive-behavioral interventions.

-Strategies: Participants will also learn about specific strategies that can be used to improve handwriting skills, such as using adaptive writing tools, modifying writing tasks, and providing feedback and reinforcement.

Overall, the webinar replay aims to provide participants with practical knowledge and skills that can be used to effectively identify and address handwriting difficulties associated with dysgraphia using an occupational therapy approach.

About the Speaker:

Dysgraphia through Occupational Therapy lenses 4Aakansha Kandhelwal is a highly skilled Occupational Therapist with extensive experience in helping children overcome sensory, physical, emotional, and social barriers. She holds a Master of Occupational Therapy with a Specialty in Musculoskeletal and a Bachelor of Occupational Therapy from Seth G.S. Medical College & K.E.M.H., India. Aakansha Kandhelwal is certified in the COTE-WFOT and has completed courses in Wheelchair Management, Drivers Rehabilitation, Dysphagia Management, Orthotic, Prosthetics, Adaptive Devices, and Physical Agent Modalities. Additionally, she has received training in Kinesio Taping Level 1-4 and Pilates Level 1. At TDDC, Aakansha is part of a team of experts dedicated to providing life-changing treatment and support for each child. 

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