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Behavioural Management in Young Children: Strategies that Work!

Educational Psychologist and Head of Psychology Services, Rama Kanj discusses Behavioural Management in Young Children: Strategies that Work!

This is designed for parents, therapist, educators, caregivers, practitioners and advocates of helping children of learning challenges and developmental delays.

In this webinar, you will lean how to:

– Identify reasons for challenging behaviours in children

– Acquire practical strategies to create a positive home environment

– Carefully consider how parents’ emotional and verbal reactions can impact children’s behaviours.


This webinar on “Behavioural Management in Young Children: Strategies that work” will focus on three key areas. Firstly, the webinar will cover identifying reasons for challenging behaviours in children, helping parents and caregivers to better understand the underlying causes of difficult behaviour in order to respond more effectively. Secondly, attendees will acquire practical strategies for creating a positive home environment, including positive reinforcement, clear expectations, and consistent consequences. Lastly, the webinar will explore the impact of parents’ emotional and verbal reactions on children’s behaviour and provide guidance on how to respond to challenging behaviours in a calm and constructive way.

This webinar promises to be a valuable resource for parents, caregivers, and educators who work with young children and are looking for effective strategies to manage challenging behaviours.

About the Speaker:

Behavioural Management in Young Children: Strategies that Work! 4 Rama Kanj is a Head of Psychology Services and Educational Psychologist, who has dedicated her career to supporting and advocating for children’s education and mental health. With over five years of post-graduate work experience, Rama has become a leading expert in her field.

Rama holds a Master of Arts in Education with specialisation in Educational Psychology, as well as a Diplomate of the American Board of School Neuropsychology. Currently, she is a Doctoral Researcher in Psychology at the University of Reading in the UK. In addition to her academic achievements, Rama is trained in School Neuropsychological Assessment, as well as Behavioural Management. She has also completed a Certificate in The Fundamentals of CBT 11 CE cr. Her research has been published in International Journals of Education and Psychology.  Rama is also a certified ADOS2 provider.

Rama’s dedication to education and psychology has earned her numerous accolades, including the 2019 Fouad Haddad Award in Education. She is also an active member of the International Testing Commission, Lebanese Psychological Association, and Association for Applied Behavior Analysis Lebanon.

Rama has gained popularity among the media for her expertise in addressing issues related to child development, including ADHD and mental health. She has been a frequent guest in several interviews as a representative of TDCC.

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Thank you for your interest in understanding  Behavioural Management in Young Children: Strategies that Work! and we hope you find the webinar informative and valuable.

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