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An Insight Into Inclusive Education

Inclusion and Inclusive Education experts in Dubai, Grace Talbot and Amina Shazib will explore what inclusive education is, how is the curriculum adapted to make it accessible to all and what inclusion looks like as they show actual inclusive education inside TDCC!


Inclusive education is the practise of, and approach to education where students with diverse needs and abilities are educated together in the same classroom with the goal of providing equal opportunities to learn and participate. Curriculum is adapted to be accessible to all. Differentiation teaching strategies and classroom modifications alongside individualized education plans are developed to meet the needs of each student. This leads to an inclusive learning environment where students of different abilities and backgrounds interact with each other and all students have the opportunity to reach their full potential, building empathy and respect for diversity.

Objectives of the webinar

1. To provide a comprehensive understanding of the concept and principles of inclusive education.

2. To highlight the importance and benefits of creating an inclusive learning environment for students with diverse needs, abilities, and backgrounds.

3. To explore practical strategies for promoting inclusivity in the classroom, including the use of Universal Design for Learning, differentiated instruction, and collaborative learning.

4 To learn about the strategies used to adapt the curriculum to make it accessible to all students.

5. To gain a visual understanding of what inclusion looks like in action.

6. To understand the importance of creating an inclusive learning environment for all students.

7. To learn about the role of individualized education plans in inclusive education.

8. To explore practical strategies for promoting inclusiveness in the classroom.

9. To gain insights into current best practices and trends in inclusive education.

10. To provide a platform for participants to ask questions and engage in discussions with the speakers and other attendees.

The speakers

An Insight Into Inclusive Education 6 Grace Talbot is a highly experienced Head of Inclusive Education Services with a deep understanding of child development. She holds a Master of Science in Psychology and a Bachelor of Arts in Psychology, Political Science, and Sociology. She also holds a  PgCertificate in Speech Language and Communication Needs of Children and is certified in the Intensive Early Intervention and School Readiness Programme by Dr. Donia Fahim. She has training in ADOS2, SCERTS Model, FETAC Level 5 Childcare Studies, Level 1 Makaton, Early Start Denver Model, Attention Autism, and DIR Floortime 101 With over 9 years of experience in the UAE, she has expertise in child development, IEPs, early intervention, inclusion, accommodation and modification. She is particularly known for her great handling of behavior management among children in the inclusive education setting, and has a proven track record of creating positive and effective learning environments for all children. Her dedication and commitment to inclusive education has made her a respected leader in the field.

An Insight Into Inclusive Education 7Amina Shazib holds a Master in Applied Psychology and a Postgraduate Certificate in Speech, Language, and Communication in Children. Amina is the Inclusive Education Services Deputy Supervisor at TDCC. She is certified in the Intensive Early Intervention and School Readiness Programme by Dr. Donia Fahim and trained in ADOS2, SCERTS Model, DIR Floortime 101, Colourful Semantics, and TEACH. With over 6 years of experience in inclusive education, Amina has expertise in classroom supervision, IEP development, early intervention, and evidence-based learning approaches. She is dedicated to supporting students with unique needs and their families.

We hope that the information shared in this webinar will help you better understand Inclusion and Inclusive Education and the ways in which it helps individuals who requires this service. If you have any questions or concerns, please do not hesitate to reach out to us.

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Thank you for your interest in understanding Inclusive Education and we hope you find the webinar informative and valuable.

Enjoy watching!



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