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TDCC are dedicated to developing the skills required by children to feel confident.

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Testimonial by: Mohd Khidhir Azali

Therapist: Varsha Vijayan

We’ve enrolled our daughter for private sessions with Varsha for over a year now. Varsha is a dedicated, hardworking therapist eager to work every session. Her feedbacks give a clear picture on progress, and we can certainly see that progress credited to her when our child mentions her name in conversations at home!

Testimonial by: Magda

Therapist: Meg Klien

When we first met Meg, we had been doing speech therapy for a year in another center without any results. My daughter was pronouncing 2 syllables only. It was Meg who immediately realized the underlying issue: dyspraxia, and started targeted treatment. We could hear new sounds and then words after every session! Now my daughter can talk in sentences.
Meg’s sessions are unique in terms of value. Speech therapy is so expensive in UAE, with others I often wondered what am I paying for. Not with Meg. She doesn’t waste time: every minute is targeted at helping the child. I sat at all sessions and every time learned new techniques and tips how to replicate the same at home, which is very important, because if you don’t practice with the child at home they won’t progress much.
My daughter has other medical conditions and takes medications: for this reason I was hesitant to address behavior issues. Meg is amazing with kids, she showed me how to effectively handle lack of cooperation and made me believe I can do it.
We feel so lucky to have such an amazing and experienced speech therapist who truly cares about children and also their parents.


Therapist: Aalia Thobani

We’ve met miss Aalia only a couple of months ago and it is incredible the progress that my son did with her. She’s proactive, smart, sweet and funny personality, professional at the same time! We highly recommend miss Aalia!

Testimonial by: Johanna Klees

Therapist: Aalia Thobani

My son has been doing speech therapy with Aalia for the last two years. She mentioned that you all are redoing the TDCC website and asked if I would write a testimonial. I don't know exactly what you need, and I'm happy to edit or add if that's helpful, but I'll say this: "My son's speech therapy with Aalia has helped him grow so much in his confidence and ability. Aalia keeps him engaged and active in their sessions which is so important at four years old. He speaks of her frequently and fondly. He even asks to see her on days when he doesn't have speech! I feel so lucky to have found Aalia--she has made such a difference in our lives."


Therapist: Bakhtaver Ayrton

Our occupational therapist, Bakhti, came highly recommended to me by many. She was a Godsend. Her honesty, transparency, and attention to detail when it comes to my children are just a few of the amazing characteristics she holds. It is quite clear that what she does is not a JOB, on the contrary, it is a passion. She never gives up on a child and always challenges herself and the children. Her communication is direct and precise with clear disclosure of any concerns. I could never imagine our journey with dyspraxia and inattentive ADHD with anyone but her. There will never be enough words that would do justice to describe her as a person and as an OT.



The developing center is one of the centers that provide occupational therapy in a distinctive way and have extensive experience in this field. The treatment focuses on developing the capabilities of people of determination who suffer from sensory or motor difficulties and helping them achieve the maximum possible degree of independence and self-reliance in various areas of their lives One of the basics of occupational therapy is to improve fine muscle skills. In particular, hand muscles and sensory abilities. In addition, occupational therapy is concerned with developing visual coordination. Occupational therapy is also concerned with training them in skills that are very important in their daily lives, such as dressing and grooming.


Therapist : Zara Awan

TDCC is a credible institution, its strength being its highly-skilled therapists. Ms. Zara has been an exceptionally kind, dedicated, and skilled teacher. Her human touch and the way she treated my child as her own, got her very far with my child and gave us results much faster and better than expected. She is consistent, thorough, and ready to help whenever needed. She not only teaches the child but also guides the parents to ascertain progress. I highly recommend her to all parents whose kids are having any dyslexia-related learning difficulties.


Therapist: Bonnie Lyal

My son Zaal has been working with Bonnie for a year now and we have seen a great improvement in him as his confidence has grown. I have seen first-hand how engaging Bonnie is with Zaal and how Bonnie has adapted to Zaal’s individual needs, and she has developed her methodologies to engage and develop Zaal specifically. We are grateful to have Bonnie working with Zaal.

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