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Dyslexia- How to choose a school and write a robust IEP

Dyslexia and Literacy Specialist, Zara Mirza, guides participants through the intricacies of navigating school systems and educational plans for children with dyslexia. With 17 years of experience serving children and families across the UK and UAE, Zara brings a wealth of knowledge to her role as Head of Learning Support Services at TDCC. This webinar is specifically designed to empower parents, educators, and advocates with the essential tools and insights needed to effectively support students with dyslexia.

Whether you’re assessing potential schools or looking to enhance an existing Individual Education Plan (IEP), this session will provide invaluable insights into making informed decisions that best support the educational journey of students with dyslexia.


1. Identify key features of effective dyslexia support and understand what effective dyslexia support should look like within school settings to ensure the best educational environment for your child.   

2. Learn how to construct a detailed and effective IEP that caters specifically to the needs of a dyslexic student, incorporating essential elements that foster learning and growth.

3. Gain insights into the crucial questions that should be asked when reviewing your child’s IEP, ensuring it meets all necessary standards for comprehensive support.

4. Discover strategies for choosing the right school for a child with dyslexia, focusing on the presence of robust support systems and appropriate educational resources.

5. Equip yourself with the knowledge to advocate effectively for your child’s needs within the educational system, enhancing their learning experience and success.

About the Speaker

Dyslexia- How to choose a school and write a robust IEP 4Zara Mirza is an accomplished educator and advocate with a Master’s degree in Inclusion and Special Education from the University of Birmingham. She is an Associate Member of The British Dyslexia Association and a Member of PATOS-UK. With over 17 years of experience, Zara has specialized in supporting children with dyslexia, ADHD, autism, and learning challenges in both the UK and UAE. Her approach is underpinned by advanced certifications in Orton-Gillingham, Science of Reading, and other evidence-based educational practices. She serves as the Dyslexia Assessor and Head of Learning Support Services at TDCC. A key figure in neurodiversity advocacy, Zara is a prominent voice advocating for more inclusive representation in autism research and interventions.

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