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Mary Grace Malabanan


Grace received her Bachelor’s Degree in Special Education from Eulogio Amang Rodriguez Institute of Science and Technology, Philippines in 2014. After graduating, she decided to work as a Special Education Teacher in a classroom setting for 4 years. She worked closely with her students on their Individualized Educational Plan providing progress reports to parents. Her years of experience have taught her the value of patience and encouragement when working with children with additional needs.

She also joined an organization as a Volunteer Staff in Guide and Unified Interaction for the Development of Children INC, Philippines. This organization is a tribute to children with special needs with different exceptionalities. This is the opportunity to experience what we experience as normal children. To give love, support to each other with no discrimination to others.

Grace continues to build on her skills, she has attended countless workshops/courses in her teaching career including Teaching Preschoolers and Early Graders in the Context of K12 Curriculum. She recently completed her RBT- 40 Hours Training course, attended DIR 101: An Introduction to DIR and DIR Floortime training and Playtime SMART Reading and Fine Motor Skills Development seminar. She also attended the training The SCERTS Model– Program Planning (Part 1 of 2): Using SCERTS in Action to embed supports within natural activities and The SCERTS Model– Program Planning (Part 2 of 2): SCERTS in Action and the SCERTS Brief Assessment for Individual Learners.

Grace believes that the key to a student’s success starts with building meaningful relationships.

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