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Mabelle El Koreh

Psychomotor Therapist

Mabelle  El Koreh is a Master in Psychomotor Therapy, Master Family Coach, Pre-writing & Handwriting Specialist,  Exchange & Development Training completer. Mabelle is fluent in Arabic, English and French. She is a Psychomotor Therapist with outstanding experience in Beirut, Lebanon and UAE with expertise in psychomotor assessment and rehabilitation through sensory, cognitive, and behavioral approaches.  

Mabelle completed her Master of Research in Psychomotor Therapy in 2017 and a degree in Bachelor of Psychomotor Therapy in 2014 both at Saint Joseph University, Beirut, Lebanon.  In 2021, she was awarded the title of Master Family Coach certification from the Family Coaching Institute of Nancy Doyon, Quebec, Canada. In 2011, she completed the course in Lebanese Baccalaureate in Life Sciences at Collège des Soeurs des Saints Coeurs, Ain Najm, Lebanon. 

Mabelle has been working closely with children and teenagers with learning difficulties, developmental delay, autism spectrum, and ADD/ADHD during her graduate and post- graduate years. With her commitment, passion and stint as a Psychomotor Therapist, she was able to accomplish research on new intervention approaches in psychomotor therapy with children and adults whose main areas of focus were handwriting, learning disorders, stress, breathing and body awareness and expression techniques.  

Among her work experience included the early detection, assessment, teletherapy, handwriting challenges, educational coordinator, internship supervisor and parental guidance. She has vast experience of working with children, parents, educators and therapists in different school settings and nurseries where she designed inclusion of students, supervising and training the different team members.  

Mabelle works hand in hand with parents and the whole team of TDCC Occupational & Psychomotor Therapy Arabic Department in the continuing effort of TDCC to help more families in bringing about how psychomotor therapy can benefit children and young people with impaired psychomotor skill development by developing their gross motor skills (moving the whole body), fine motor skills (manual activities) and handwriting skills (writing legibly). TDCC also ensures the enhancement of the child/young person’s self-confidence and their progress.  

Being a trilingual Psychomotor Therapist, Mabelle brings a lot of hope, encouragement and inspiration to parents and children as she builds a strong foundation of working with them using her great communication skills.  

Mabelle El Koreh, with her vibrant character, very approachable and innovative, is a reflection of how great her contribution is to the continuous growth and development of each and every child at TDCC. She is very generous of her wisdom and extends her best approach and strategies in helping the TDCC community. She is an epitome of a Psychomotor Therapist with a gift of beauty and a heart!

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