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Jomana Razok

Educational Psychologist

Jomana Razok is a graduate of Emirates University of Al-Ain, UAE with Master in Clinical Psychology in 2020. She earned her degree of Bachelor in Psychology at Aleppo University, Syria in 2012.

Her work specialty includes providing psychoeducational assessments for children, adolescents. She is trained to deal and assess children and adolescents struggling with educational, cognitive, emotional, and/or social difficulties. These assessments can help to identify cognitive and emotional strengths and weaknesses and/or monitor progress of children. Based on the assessment findings, specific diagnoses and recommendations can then be generated to assist parents, teachers, and other professionals and actors tackle specific areas in the child’s life that require improvement.

Jomana is also trained in providing psychotherapy to address various psychological difficulties (e.g., adjustment disorder, anxiety disorders, depression, ADHD etc.). Her therapeutic approach is holistic, client-centered, and goal-oriented. She incorporates Cognitive Behavioural Therapy (CBT), Interpersonal Therapy techniques.

Jomana has experience providing counseling services to a variety of individuals, particularly adolescents, in various settings within the school community.

Jomana enjoys helping others while using strength-based approaches and integrating various treatment therapies to best meet the needs and goals of her clients. She provides support and guidance to parents, and the school team in order to help the children, and adolescents to cope in a different environment like in school, home and other places.

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