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Colm Mc Tiernan


Colm Mc Tiernan completed an honours Bachelors of Arts degree in Social Care Practice from Atlantic Technological University Sligo, Ireland.  He has been working with people within a broad social care sector for almost a decade. His work includes, working with children in an educational setting, working with people with autism in a community setting, working with people that have mental health issues & he has also worked with marginalized groups. Colm strongly believes in continuous professional development and has recently completed a 20hrs ABA Foundation Training. 

With nearly 10 years of experience, Colm has built up a specific skill set to help people to excel in life. He is especially interested in teaching children using evidence-based approaches to support them reach their educational goals. At TDCC, Colm collaborates with fellow educators, parents, specialists, therapists, supervisors, and caregivers to ensure positive progression for every child. He feels being transparent within a multidisciplinary team is imperative to building strong relationships and rapport with the families. Colm knows the benefits of working collaboratively within a team through his experiences. He is aware of how important and beneficial it is within the development of a child. With the support of a caring and passionate team within an early intervention program (EIP), each child can reach their developmental goals/milestones. 

Colm is extremely passionate about non limitations to the potential of a child’s growth. As he feels with the correct individualised educational plan, supports and structures in place, a child has unlimited potential. Colm has a genuine interest in working with autism spectrum disorder, down syndrome, challenging behaviours and learning difficulties. He finds this work hugely rewarding as it gives him a great sense of well-being seeing a person achieve their goals and grow to their full potential.

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