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Betsy Samuel


A passionate and dedicated educator, Betsy Samule is deeply committed to guiding children through their academic and emotional challenges. Armed with a Bachelor’s degree in Audiology and Speech-Language Pathology from the JSS Institute of Speech and Hearing in Mysore, India, and a Diploma in Healthcare Management and Leadership from EduQual University, UK, Betsy has positioned herself at the intersection of education, therapy, and leadership.

With over 9 years of diverse experience, Betsy’s professional journey has seen her shape young minds in special needs schools and rehabilitate children with learning challenges and developmental delays in specialized centers. Her diverse exposure to various age groups allows her a nuanced understanding of different learning needs, making her teaching approach both holistic and targeted.

What sets Betsy apart is her innate ability to foster a nurturing and inclusive learning atmosphere. Her unwavering belief in every child’s potential propels her to devise tailored strategies, ensuring every student feels valued and engaged. Parallel to her role as an educator, Betsy’s expertise as a speech therapist allows her to address children’s communicative challenges with evidence-based techniques.

In her therapy sessions, Betsy seamlessly blends therapeutic rigor with enjoyable and interactive activities, ensuring children are motivated and families are equipped with the tools to continue the therapeutic journey outside the clinical setting.

At TDCC, Betsy’s role goes beyond traditional boundaries. Collaborating closely with parents, educators, supervisors, and practitioners, her goal remains consistent: to profoundly impact the lives of children. By helping them hone their communication skills and realize their potential, Betsy not only serves as an invaluable asset to TDCC but also embodies the very spirit of inclusive education and therapy.

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