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Aneera Jamshed


Aneera is a seasoned mental health counselor with 4+ years of experience working with children and young adolescents. Aneera has extensive knowledge in behavioural monitoring, psychological testing, research methods, rehabilitation techniques, and psychometrics. She holds a Master’s degree in Children and Young People’s Mental Health and Psychological Practice from the University of Edinburgh, 2017. After her thesis completion, she assisted with research and conducted a qualitative study at the University of Edinburgh. Aneera is KHDA certified in Applied Behaviour Analysis (ABA) from Eduscan Group, Dubai, UAE. She underwent various training, workshops and certifications to streamline her  professional development. Recent training includes The Intensive Early Intervention and School Readiness Programme by Dr.  Donia Fahim and the SCERTS1.  


After her completion of Bachelor’s in Applied Psychology from Beaconhouse National University Lahore, Pakistan in 2014, she worked as a Special Needs Educator, and during this time, she became skilled in the development of IEPs, IBP, and PECS. Moreover, in her experience as a Special Needs Educator, she has helped many children with a successful integration of their learning challenges. 


Aneera’s strengths include performing diagnostic testing, delivering appropriate therapies, proven track record of effective results and positive outcomes with clients and students. Aneera’s core strength is how she builds strong relationships with her students, she develops strong rapport and understands the needs of each student in depth.


Aneera has always been passionate about working with children and young people and committed herself to providing the highest level of care to her students and clients. She works closely with TDCC’s parents, educators, supervisors, therapists and specialists incorporating evidence-based interventions to efficiently provide for and meet the needs of each individual child according to their unique developmental requirements. Furthermore, she devoted herself to helping children think creatively, solve their day-to-day problems, and prepare them to live independently.

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